Russian media: Russian figure skater “K Bao” quadruple jump into the winter Olympics history

2022-06-08 0 By

Russian figure skater Camila Valieva has made history at the Winter Olympics by becoming the first woman to complete a quadruple jump at the Olympic Games, Sputnik reported on February 7.In the free skating singles event of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, Valieva completed the Sakhov quadruple jump and the back outside point quadruple jump, the report said.She finished first with 178.92 points.”I am very happy that most of the plan has worked and our team has won the gold medal,” she told reporters.The Russian Olympic Committee won the figure skating team title at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday, with 74 points in total, Sputnik reported On February 7.Camila Valieva, 15, dubbed “K-bo” by the Internet, has become the first woman to complete a quadruple jump at the Winter Olympics.It is reported that Russian figure skating occupies a dominant position in the international arena.Among the Russian women’s figure skaters, a trio of matryoshka dolls will be a strong contender for the Winter Olympics crown. They are Valieva, Serbakova and Trusova.Valieva won a standing ovation after the women’s single short program at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Figure skating team event at the Capital Gymnasium on Saturday morning. Valieva scored 90.18 points, ranking first.Shortly after the game, “Skating k-bao” topped the list of top trending searches on Weibo.One user marveled at Valieva’s perfect performance: ‘That was beautiful!She is the first skater in the world.Just a whole feast for the eyes!!”Valieva was born in Kazan, Russia, on April 26, 2006.Valieva, who was 15 last year, made it to the adult group.Valieva won the Finnish Cup 2021 last October, her first adult title.