Rob coupon!The second round of “Huimin Flower Coupons” will be issued tonight

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Grab the ticket channel.Buy flowers for New Year’s!The second round of “Huimin Flower coupons” will be issued at 20:00 on January 31 (New Year’s Eve).After snatching the coupons, citizens can buy flowers at a discount at hundreds of cooperative stores in the Winter Jasmine flower market located in three towns of Wuhan.The 2022 Wuhan Winter Jasmine Flower Market, hosted by the Municipal Landscape and Forestry Bureau and the Office of the Municipal Greening Committee, officially opened on Jan 22 to meet the demand of citizens to buy spring Flowers for the Spring Festival.In order to enrich the flower life of the citizens, this year the organizers tried to innovate the service mode, change the form of sending flowers in the past, by issuing “Huimin flower coupons”, to benefit the people, encourage the citizens to buy good flowers, to buy their favorite flowers.The first round of “Huimin Flower coupons” started at 20:00 on January 21. By 12:00 on January 22, the first round of 9,670 coupons had been released.Since 8:00 a.m. on The 22nd, there have been citizens in the major cooperative stores for verification.The reporter learned that the flower coupons a total of 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 15 yuan, 100 yuan four denominations, the line is no threshold write-off, preferential strength.For example, in The Flower Street of Liberation Park, a 15 yuan coupon can take away a 15 yuan bunch of multiple roses.The second round of “Huimin Flower coupons” will be issued from 20:00 on January 31 (Chinese New Year’s Eve). People can grab the tickets through the wechat mini program “2022 Winter Jasmine Flower Market”.Detailed rules can be followed by the wechat public number “Wuhan Greening”.(Yang Xiaoyu, reporter of Changjiang Daily)