As an ancient saying goes, “wisdom is full of wisdom and wisdom. She seeks peace in the world and chang ‘an in his life.

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What’s the scariest part of being a bookworm?It must be a shortage of books.Every time I encounter this kind of situation, it is really scratching my head, especially uncomfortable ah.But don’t worry if you too have a book shortage.Since fate let you meet with xiaobian together, how can not show the spirit of the full banquet to everyone.Here are a few addictive novels that I hope you’ll enjoy.Xiaobian recommendation: ancient words: wisdom is a hundred, all her plans, she sought peace, he chang ‘an.Introduction: Reopening her eyes, she returned to this year.It’s still too late to start over.She wants peace for herself and her family.Years quiet good, long spring!Guide to the pit: a five – six – year – old boy with chubby short legs ran over.A round chubby little face, very lovely.Probably ran too fast, white face red.Dusty in the distant memory of the little person to tumble appeared in front of her, clenched tight small fist spread out, like a treasure to a few sugar fried chestnuts to her in front: “sister, you have been kneeling, stomach must be hungry, come to eat chestnuts.The chestnuts are still hot!”Mu Nianchun instantly red eyes.In previous lives, my younger brother disappeared on the Lantern Festival when he was six years old.It was a near fatal blow to Chang and her.Since then, Zhang suffered a serious illness and became more depressed day by day.She, on the other hand, lives in endless regret and remorse.That day, it was she who insisted on taking her young brother to the Lantern Festival.She was looking forward to meeting the boy she adored under the lamp, far from suspecting that it was all a conspiracy.In the years that followed, every time she thought of her little brother, the pain of regret was like a blunt knife, which cut a thousand holes in her heart.Well, she’s got a second chance at life.In this life, she will never do it again.No one will ever hurt her family again.Looking at Mu Nianchun full of tears, Maple brother a meng, thought she was angry with himself, busy said: “Four sister, I want to see you in the afternoon.But niang didn’t let me come, I had to install the obediently obedient.Just while niang is not paying attention, secretly ran over……”(click below free reading) the second: “medical concubine: Wang Ye, you are out of favor” author: Su Xiaomeng introduction: a car accident, three a chief physician Cui Yunxi through!Aunt is when the queen, husband is god of war king, this thought can be born with the end of the family background lie to win, who knows god of war king concubine concubine destroy wife!In order not to be destroyed, Cui Yunxi decided to start strong.Cui Yun xi: “wang Ye, we close from the pit guide:” Cui Yun xi, what are you doing?”A very angry male voice rang out suddenly behind her.Cui Yunxi hands a shake, the music abruptly stopped.She followed the sound and saw Ning Si Yu come out from behind a bush, followed by zheng Siya, a weak willow.I saw him tall and straight, such as pine, long body jade, a handsome face but if cold frost.Zheng Siya, wearing a big red gauze dress, snuggled up to his side, frowning slightly, as if to bear something.Cui Yunxi efforts to ignore zheng Siya that wipe is his wife to wear red, looking at ning Si royal way.”My Lord, I am learning to play the piano!””You big dog courage, who let you play here?””Nagoshi roared.Cui Yunxi a face confused, do not understand what they did wrong, forced the heart of the pain, to maintain a smile look.”My Lord, I heard the servant say you like this song” Phoenix beg the Bird “, I want to learn to play for you.”Listen to the servants?Oh, I don’t believe her.”Nonsense!No one in the whole family knew that Ya er hurt her hand to save the king and could no longer touch the instrument.The king has decreed that no one should play the piano in the palace.What servant dared you to play it?Clear is you intentionally make bewitching, want to sprinkle salt on elegant son’s wound!”Ning Si yu a pair of eyes to bite people, staring at her way.(click below free reading) the third: “Jiangshan beauty seeks” author: Sleeve Tang introduction: ancient words: wisdom is a hundred out, pour out all the plan, she seeks the world peace, seeks his life chang ‘an.Counsellors, in curtains, win a thousand miles away.She is not a beauty, beauty is a pawn in her hands, she is not powerful, heroes compete to bow.In troubled times, wisdom is a hundred, all her plans, she is the world peace, and he is a chang ‘an.Pit guide: “However.”At the beginning of the song dynasty, he raised his eyebrows and caught him in the water. “You wash me clean before you go to sleep these days!”Zhao Yilou lost the first opportunity, was a favorable position at the beginning of the song, but never threw her off.Song Chu Yi took water from the pool and rubbed zhao Yilou’s face. Looking at the dirt spreading in the pool, Song Chu Yi couldn’t help scolding, “You have been saving for years!””Poof!”Zhao Yilou raised his head from the pool and spat out a mouthful of water.After a midday sun, the water in the pool was slightly warm, not too ice, song Chu simply rubbed his hair.Half an hour of fighting, Zhao Yilou like the noon pheasant, become naked.”You……Where are you a noblewoman!Rudeness is worse than a village woman!”Zhao Yilou glared at her.At the beginning of the song dynasty, he was happy to wash his hands in the pool and never looked at him. “You have a wound on your face. If you don’t clean it up, do you want to rot?”Zhao Yilou a leng, just remembered the mouth of the wound has begun some signs of swelling, if not timely cleaning, will inevitably fester.It was getting late. Song Chu stood up and turned around to see zhao Yilou’s appearance. He was slightly surprised and said, “He looks good.”(Click below to read it for free.) That’s all for today’s recommendations. Did you enjoy them?On the day of her husband’s new marriage, she came to congratulate her husband and beat her new concubine in the face, shocking all the ancient words that are better than “The Phoenix Princess of War”, meaning that this book let you remember for a moment the top of the list “The Lord seduced his wife” were defeated by it, blowing this 9.3 minutes of fairy chivalric article!