Wuling Capgemini 280T model on the market in the first quarter of the power improvement is obvious

2022-06-07 0 By

Recently, we learned from SAIC-GM-Wuling that capgemini updated model, namely Capgemini 280T, will be launched in the first quarter.The new car mainly improves the engine and NVH tranquility, bringing consumers a better driving and riding experience.The biggest upgrade of the new car is equipped with a new 1.5T turbocharged in-cylinder direct injection engine, 350bar high pressure common rail technology and a new generation of turbocharging technology, the maximum power increased from the original 108kW to 130kW, the maximum torque increased from the original 250Nm to 290Nm.It is matched with a CVT continuously variable transmission that can simulate 8 gears.By optimizing the design of the airway, the supercharger starts to step in at 1000rpm, and can reach the maximum torque of 290Nm at 1500rpm, achieving high power output faster, more sensitive and fast in power performance, more powerful in high-speed overtaking, and more sufficient power reserve.In addition, the new car also optimized the overall power system quiet performance.Of the new engine of piston and the crankshaft is offset design to reduce the lateral force, reduce the piston slap the voice of the cylinder body, at the same time combined double oil sump upper cast aluminum parts of the engine and transmission links, not only improves the harshness (NVH) characteristics of engine, also improve the powertrain stiffness, effectively improve the powertrain vibration and noise;The lower mute steel plate also effectively reduces the noise transmission during engine operation.The new car also carries Ling OS system, an open intelligent ecosystem independently developed by Wuling, with smooth operation and powerful functions. In addition, automatic headlights, automatic wipers and other configurations are added.