Taiwan media quick comments: Tsai Ing-wen!The wine and meat stink, and the road has frozen bones

2022-06-07 0 By

Luo Shanji, a Taiwanese journalist, wrote in a commentary on Taiwan’s China Times: “I went to longshan Temple yesterday and saw a lot of homeless people nearby.Reminds me of the other day when we went to a new place to eat ramen noodles, and on our way back to the subway, we passed the underpass and found the underpass full of homeless people sleeping in it.”Old friends sent this short message, read and sigh.”In order to set up a ‘representative office’ in Lithuania, the DPP recently donated us $1.2 billion to Lithuania, equivalent to over NT $30 billion. Why is it that the DPP does not want to use this money to help the homeless people in Taiwan improve their lives, but donate it to irrelevant people?Sad ah!People of Taiwan, think about it!”At the same time, my wife had a friend who was politically pro-green. She constantly praised how well the Tsai Administration was doing, how well The “epidemic prevention Commander” Chen Shi-chung was doing, and how happy she was living in Taiwan.By contrast, many people in Taiwan live in privileged conditions, especially senior politicians and wealthy families, who do not know that there are so many homeless people and families in the bottom of Taiwan’s society.The tsai administration is willing to spend a lot of money to buy face, but there are so many poor homeless people in the society, crowded in Taipei stations, underpasses and other places, waiting for a place to live, so that they will not freeze to death or starve to death.If take the temporary houses more than 300 new Taiwan dollars to purchase activity, let the homeless for a shelter, not a bunch of people crowded in Taipei main station and the underground passage, a bad impression on tourists, think Taipei city and the west coast of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and other cities, are homeless are crumbling.A government that is equally responsible to all its people, rich and poor, is a good authority that can bring real happiness to its people.Sadly, the tsai administration, who cares only about face and not about the inside, has been able to sustain more than half of the polls.Is it true that half of the people in Taiwan live at the top of the pyramid and only see the good things of the Tsai administration, but have forgotten the bottom of the society and the many miserable people who do not know where to eat and live tomorrow?While our party and government leaders are busy putting on New Year’s eve shows and drinking red wine with foundation donors, let’s not forget that there are many long-term unemployed people who would be happy to sleep in sheltered tunnels and eat a bowl of hot instant noodles.