Promoting the implementation of the “Three-child” policy

2022-06-07 0 By

Xinhua News Agency Hangzhou, February 16 (reporter Yu Wan)We will increase the number of children under 3 years old by 50,000, deepen the inter-provincial “One Thing at Birth” initiative, and implement the “Five Major actions” to improve the safety of mothers and infants.The reporter learned from the health work conference of Zhejiang Province held on The 16th that Zhejiang is striving to make a major breakthrough in the implementation of the “three-child” policy centering on creating a “child-friendly province”.The reporter learned that in 2021, zhejiang child-rearing friendly society construction has been carried out first trial.Social maintenance fees were cancelled, and relevant regulations on penalties were overhauled and abolished.Provincial-level and local standards on “One Thing to do when you are born” have been issued and cross-provincial standards have been promoted, benefiting 700,000 families with newborns.Seventy-five percent of maternal and child rooms in public places meet provincial standards.We will vigorously develop a universal education service system, and take the lead in developing intelligent management and application of education services.The province has 4,230 child-care institutions with 163,000 child-care places, or 2.53 child-care places per 1,000 people.In 2022, Zhejiang will start with policies and measures in maternity leave, care, childcare, education, housing, taxation and other aspects to give active birth support.The three levels of child-rearing friendly standards for county (city and district), township (street) and village (community) were formulated and evaluated.We launched the demonstration of infant and young child care services, and promoted the development of comprehensive child-care service centers and children’s health management centers integrating medical protection and medical care. An additional 50,000 child-care centers were built, including 30,000 pratt & Whitney child-care centers.At the same time, China has implemented the “Five Major actions” to improve the safety of mothers and infants, carried out standardized evaluation of treatment centers for critically ill pregnant women and newborn babies, and continuously improved its capacity to treat critically ill patients.The “Five Actions” of health services for the elderly have been promoted, and hospice care has been carried out across the province to gradually reduce the worries for families to actively give birth.It is reported that as a high-quality development and construction of common prosperity demonstration area, Zhejiang to build a “child-rearing friendly province” has a relatively solid foundation.Major health indicators such as child mortality, maternal mortality and premature mortality from chronic diseases have reached or reached the level of high-income countries.13 provincial and municipal hospitals have carried out long-term cooperative construction with 26 counties in mountainous areas and 6 islands.The province’s 200 county-level hospitals and 1,160 township hospitals have set up 162 county-level hospitals, and the health service model of “one family, one game, one account” has become more mature.”We will focus on promoting quality and sharing of medical and health services, and take the initiative to meet the new demand for quality medical services in a better society with common prosperity.”Related person in charge of Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission said that in the process of building “child-rearing friendly province”, Zhejiang will further highlight universal benefits and sharing, encourage reform and innovation, and strengthen linkage and coordination.(Source: Xinhua)