Intellectual Property Protection Center of Wuxi Economic and Development Zone was officially inaugurated

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On February 15, the Intellectual Property Protection Center of Wuxi Economic Development Zone (hereinafter referred to as the Protection Center) was officially inaugurated.Data protection center is located in wuxi innovation park, as a basic engineering to promote the development of high quality taihu xincheng area, the patent protection center business services by nanjing office patent agencies to stagnation point first workstation, and use the “nanjing patent agency service center of wuxi first workstation” brand (hereinafter referred to as the service center of wuxi),Marking wuxi Economic development Zone intellectual property protection work into a new stage.In early October last year, the Market Supervision Bureau of Wuxi Economic development Zone (INTELLECTUAL Property Office) found through data monitoring and statistical analysis that the INTELLECTUAL property work of enterprises in the area was affected and affected after the SiPO’s strict examination of abnormal patent applications.The market supervision administration leadership many times to visit companies and related service agencies, adopt the method of discussion and interview, build system of the reported violations, institutions and enterprises, encourage and guide the high quality institutions stationed in the open area, and many times to visit relevant provincial function unit of learning, innovative thinking and forward-looking vision,The integration of “Economic development Zone Protection Center and Wuxi Service Center” was decisively incorporated into the work schedule of wuxi Economic Development Zone Municipal Supervision Bureau.Wuxi departments through open zone management committee attaches great importance to the work of intellectual property, established by the main intellectual property work leading group and is responsible for the leadership of the inter-departmental coordination mechanism, taking into account the key work of intellectual property work appraisal system, outstanding quality orientation, improving the public service system of intellectual property rights, build influential intellectual property data statistical analysis platform.In late November last year, Wuxi Economic Development Zone invited several experts from relevant departments of the State Patent Office and the first workstation of Nanjing Patent Agency to jointly hold a seminar on “Focusing on pre-examination · Boosting high-quality Development of INTELLECTUAL Property”, which was widely praised by innovation subjects and service institutions.At the end of December, the district departments management committee reviewed and adopted the “economic development zone, wuxi intellectual property rights (ipr) protection center to form a plan, and points out that strengthening the wuxi by the open area of intellectual property rights of public service system construction, and better play a role of intellectual property to support the development of economic innovation, is the comprehensive regional core competitiveness, create good environment is the foundation of innovative undertaking.Relevant departments are required to attach great importance to and actively cooperate with each other, carry out relevant work according to the construction plan and timing, and fulfill the construction and operation needs of various parties.The market Supervision Bureau is explicitly required to intensify efforts to promote the construction of provincial demonstration parks, effectively supervise the daily work of INTELLECTUAL property rights based on systematic data analysis, and ensure the early completion and operation of the protection Center and wuxi Service Center.Wuxi open area market supervision bureau Zou Fengfeng told reporters that the preparation to protect the center is to adhere to the convenience of enterprises, improve the efficiency of administrative services important work.The zone will actively play the dual role of market supervision and intellectual property protection in accordance with the deployment requirements of the provincial market supervision work conference.”We will adhere to the guidance of Party construction, quality first, strict protection, and constantly improve the construction of the ZONE’s intellectual property system.The construction of the two centers will be based on the economic development zone, serve Wuxi city and radiate the southern jiangsu region.””Economic development zone of wuxi: at the beginning of the New Year, we will speed up the establishment of a strong intellectual property development and quality area of opinion” formally, and facilitate the wuxi by the open area of intellectual property rights protection work into the high speed way of developing high quality, for the service of economic and social development, create a fair competition in the market of ecological construction provides a strong protection of intellectual property rights protection.At present, the interior decoration, data system construction, equipment debugging and management personnel recruitment work of the protection center and service center in the economic development zone are in full progress.The Market Supervision Bureau of The Economic development Zone will rely on the two centers to provide enterprises and applicants with intellectual property application, fee reduction, protection and other services after opening the service. The submission of relevant materials can be handled in wuxi quickly and conveniently, so that enterprises and applicants can enjoy the intellectual property services “at home”.Xinhua Daily · Intersection point reporter Wei Lin statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: