Ever feel like time is passing too fast?Scientists can tell by experiment!

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During normal busy hours, we often hear people around us urging us to hurry up before it’s too late.”Gee, I’m so busy, I feel like I don’t have enough time.What is time?Let’s talk about what this time is today. Is it the change of the sun rising in the morning and sunset in the evening?Or the movement of the second hand on a clock?Generally speaking, we think of time as something very simple and fundamental.The uniform flow from the past to the future can be measured with a clock.If we said today that the concept of time does not exist, time is just an illusion, would you believe it?What is time?The first known person to ask this question was the famous Greek scientist and philosopher Aristotle.In his work physics, he proposed the earliest classical view of time in the history of western thought.Simply put, time is a “measure of change.”Aristotle gave the example of someone who went out for two hours in the morning and returned home, and those two hours were a “measure of the change” that had taken place between going out and coming home.If nothing moves, if nothing changes, does time stand still according to Aristotle?Does it not exist?If Aristotle could hear your questions, he would answer them.Yes, but then again people are asking why when we turn off all the lights at night and lie still getting ready for bed.Why can you feel the passage of time?Aristotle also pondered this question, writing in his book Physics: “If we are surrounded by darkness and we can hardly feel anything, but something changes in our minds, we still think time is passing.”That is to say, although outwardly everything seems static, the change in our mind, the change in our mind, is actually a kind of movement.If everything is not moving, then there is no time.For time is only a record of a certain movement.At this point, some might find Aristotle’s idea a little strange.This is understandable because in school we have been taught Newton’s view of time in modern physics.What is this?Newton in the equation of physics with the letter “T” to represent time, time is an independent existence of Newton we are familiar with, he is one of the founders of modern natural science, is also known as the father of modern science.Newton believed that there was real time, and that time would pass anyway, independent of things, independent of changes in things.Even if all objects remain motionless, even if the activities of our souls are frozen, this time will still pass undisturbed.Newton used the letter “T” to represent time in his equations of physics, which assumed that time “T” was independent of things, that it existed, that it was a uniformly linear passing entity.Over the centuries, modern physics, based on Newton’s model, has evolved.Scientists use all sorts of physical formulas to describe the world, and they all have “T” in them.Although the idea that time is independent and uniform is now accepted by many as common sense.But it’s not a natural instinct for humans.In fact, most philosophers don’t think much of Newton’s idea.Leibniz, the famous German philosopher and mathematician, was quite opposed to Newton’s view of time.It is said that Leibnitz was originally written Leibnitz with a “T” in the middle to show that he did not believe Newton’s absolute time “T”.He just kicked the “T” out of his name.So his name became Leibniz and it’s an interesting story among scientists.Aristotle and Newton, two giants of the age, gave different views on the topic of time.People are caught between these two giants, thinking, wondering whose view is the truth?Suddenly, another epoch-making scientific giant appeared with his own theory, Einstein and his theory of relativity.Einstein’s theory of relativity, telling us that “the passage of time” is an illusion?Einstein made it even more confusing.He told everyone that time was an illusion!The distinction between past, present and future is an illusion.Although a persistent illusion, this is a bit too avant-garde for many to accept.So how do we understand this?Before we get to that, there’s one thing we can say, and it’ll make a lot of sense to come back to it later.It is also a mystery that has puzzled many physicists.What does that mean?We generally know that velocity is relative.For example, a man is sitting on a train traveling at fifty meters per second. On the train, there is a ball rolling at three meters per second.To the man on the train, the ball travels at three meters per second.But if you stand on the platform and look at the ball, its speed will be superadded to that of the train, which is 53 meters per second.Many people assume that the speed of light is the same.However, in 1887, American physicists Michelson and Morley carried out an experiment, which brought us unexpected results.This experiment came to be known as the Michelson-Morley experiment.In their experiments, they found that the speed of light is always the same whether the direction of the earth’s motion is the same as the direction of the light, or vice versa.According to this result, if the ball in the above train particle were replaced by a photon ball, it would mean that both the people on the train and the people on the platform would see the photon ball at a speed of three meters per second.The Michelson-Morley experiment has been done for decades and the environmental conditions have changed many times, but the conclusion is always the same.But how is that possible?Now it’s Einstein’s turn to solve the riddle.Einstein believed that there was no such thing as absolute time or absolute space.He came up with a unified theory of space-time, which meant that time and space were one, called space-time.We can’t just talk about how time is, or how space is, but how space and time are.Physicists call the matter that makes up the world a field.Let’s say there’s some temperature field electromagnetic field, and space-time is the gravitational field.The gravitational field is no different from anything else in the world.They are all “fields”, and the world is a superposition of many fields, of which the gravitational field is one layer.Like other fields, it is neither absolute nor uniformly fixed, it can bend and stretch, and it interacts with other fields.According to this statement, the “gravitational field”, that is, space-time can be as smooth as a plane.This is the version we know from Newton, but fields can also fluctuate.Gravitational waves, as they are referred to by the scientific community, can contract or expand.The myth was solved.Is because time is changing, then the change of time is there any law?Which brings us to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.Einstein’s theory of relativity includes special relativity and general relativity.According to special relativity, time passes more slowly for a fast-moving object than for a stationary object.General relativity says that in a strong gravitational field time passes more slowly than in a weak gravitational field.That is to say, the head of the person standing on the ground, the passage of time, a little faster than the foot of the passage of time.Because the gravitational field is much weaker when you lift your head off the ground than when you lift your feet.If you stand on your head from time to time, you can have a beautiful face. There is really a scientific basis for this statement.So was Einstein right?Let’s look at some classic examples.In 1971, two serious scientists did an experiment. This was Joseph Hafel and Richard Keating using several cesium atomic clocks.The cesium atomic clock is based on the atomic nucleus’s standard frequency and holds time accurately.International Bureau of Measurement.A report in 2020 said that a Cesium atomic clock in Germany had an error of 1.7 times 10 to the minus 16 over 187 million years, which is less than a second.So it’s a very reliable way to do experiments, to measure whether time has changed.Joseph Hafel and Richard Keating put two color atoms on two business jets, one flying east and one flying west, and compared them with another atomic clock.This is the United States Naval Observatory and the reason why we want one to go east and one to go west, which means that the planes that are rotating in the direction of the Earth get faster relative speed, and the planes that are rotating against the Earth, naturally, have slower relative speed.The difference in speed between the two aircraft would be larger, and the difference in experimental results would be even more obvious.We said before that in general relativity, where the gravitational field is weak, time gets faster.According to special relativity, fast objects slow down time. The atomic clock on the plane is at high speed, while the atomic clock at the observatory is stationary on the ground.So both elements of Einstein’s theory of relativity need to be added.What were the results?Atomic clocks on planes traveling east were 59 nanoseconds slower than those on the ground, while those on planes traveling west were 273 nanoseconds faster.Einstein’s general theory of relativity and his special theory of relativity were tested simultaneously.In fact, even the GPS system we use today has to be checked every day according to relativity.Otherwise, atomic clocks on the satellite would be 38 microseconds faster than those on the ground.And don’t you think that’s not a big difference, it’s not, if you consider that GPS systems require nanosecond time accuracy, that’s a pretty big difference.Thirty-eight microseconds equals thirty-eight thousand nanoseconds.If left uncorrected, GPS systems can accumulate positioning errors of about ten kilometers a day.In 2015, NASA conducted an extraordinary life search experiment, ensnared twin astronaut Scott and his older brother Mark Kelly.Scott Kelly left 1 Mark Kelly left 2 The brothers are identical twins, so they share the same genome.NASA sent Scott into space, spending 340 days on the International Space Station, while his brother stayed on Earth.Wait for Scott to return, compare the genetic changes between the two, to study the effects of space life on the human body.If you look at the photos released by NASA, do you think Scott looks younger in the high speed orbited environment above?But since NASA didn’t release any photos of the two of them before they took part in the experiment, we’re not sure if Scott would have looked younger in the first place.But the NASA study did confirm that Scott was aging more slowly than Mark. What happened?It turns out that when NASA ran genetic tests, it found that Scott’s body was aging at a significantly slower rate during his time in space.This is because the telomeres at the ends of chromosomes shorten more slowly. What is this telomere?Telomeres are small pieces of DNA at the end of a cell’s chromosomes that protect them from damage.But as people age, telomeres shorten, and cells gradually age and die.In the twin experiment, Scott’s telomeres shrank at a slower rate, while Mark’s continued to age at a normal rate.However, when Kelly returned to Earth, his telomeres quickly returned to their normal rate of shortening.As a Chinese saying goes, “One day in the sky, one year in the earth.”It means that in different directions, space-time time changes at completely different rates.It may have just been a day in the sky, but here on earth we’ve already experienced the rise and fall of a civilization.It seems that the wisdom of our ancestors has surpassed today’s scientific research.Based on Einstein’s theory of relativity and a four-dimensional universe that unifies space and time.In 2015, Bradford, professor of philosophy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Scot proposed a theory of a “block universe”.According to Einstein’s unified theory of time, time and space are indivisible, part of a four-dimensional universe consisting of one dimension of time and three dimensions of space.Then everything that happens in this space has its own coordinates in space-time, and the block universe is absolutely static.There is no passage of time, there is no movement of stars, the world is a static piece.Each time point on the time axis corresponds to a three-dimensional space, and the image at that moment, the whole universe is composed of countless three-dimensional space images.If we could just jump out and look at the block universe.Just like we watch movies in this world, you can choose any point in time to watch what’s going on.Now, speaking of movies, everyone knows that when you press play, the movie just keeps playing through time.Then there should be something like this corresponding play button in the theory of “block universe”, so that our human beings can feel the irreversible passage of time.Massachusetts Institute of Technology physicist and philosopher Mark Stegmark and British physicist Zhulian Barber argue that the switch is our brains, that the lapse of time is an illusion in our brains, and that the brain’s neuronal structure allows us to hold memories of the past.But we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, so memory gives us the idea that time is passing, that everything is from the past to the present and then to the future.If this is true of the universe, how can we transcend the illusion?The past, the present and the future, the current level of science is not able to do that.So can anyone do that?Buddhist stories tell that in ancient India, after the usurpation of king Liulik, the second son of the Punic king, he decided to attack the Kingdom of Kapilavastu and destroy the relatives of Shakya Buddha.Shakya Buddha sat on the path of the army three times in a row to dissuade the King.Shakya Buddha dissuaded the king of coloured glaze for the third time when there was a flying dragon golden phoenix blocking the way.King of glaze moved in fear of class division back, but bootlicker instigant, king of glaze for the fourth time.This time, Shakya Buddha did not stop him.Finally, the Sakyas were wiped out.The “fish King” rules the river with fish, turtles, shrimps and crabs.People who lived near the river liked to eat fish. After eating all the fish, they also picked up the huge fish king. At that time, a total of 500 people ate the meat of the fish king.The species of Shakya Buddha were those who ate fish.At that time Shakya Buddha was still a child, he did not eat fish.But out of curiosity, once hit the fish king on the head three times.After Sakyamuni became a Buddha, he had a headache for three days.This is also why the Fish King, after being reincarnated as the Glaze King, wants to destroy the Shakya clan.As for the fate of king Liuliwang, Shakya Buddha also said that after the slaughter of the city, Shakya Buddha predicted that after seven days, king Liuliwang and his army would be destroyed.As expected, seven days later, a sudden storm came from heaven and flooded the capital. King Liuli and his kingdom were completely destroyed.According to Buddhism, one who practices enlightenment is able to see all karma and observe the past, present and future.However, the Buddha did not come to know him with modern studies and theories, which we humans cannot do anyway.If you like this article, you are welcome to comment on it!