Commander Wang and Political Commissar Song of fujian Military Area Command inspected and investigated the civilian personnel training team

2022-06-07 0 By

Recently, Commander Wang Hongyu and Political Commissar Song Hongxi of fujian Military Area Command respectively visited the comprehensive training team of fujian military area command to learn about the pre-job training of newly hired civilian personnel, check and accept the training results, visit the trainees, and host a symposium to investigate the construction of civilian personnel.Commander Wang and Commissar Song carefully inspected the civilian personnel training silhouette, homework exhibition and evaluation, experience and assessment results, got a detailed understanding of the trainees’ learning and training situation, and gave full recognition to their training achievements.Commander Wang and Commissar Song inspected the trainees’ basic subjects and professional skills training on the spot, communicated with the cadres of the training team face to face, inquired about the training plan, organization and guarantee, and gave random education to the trainees.Commander Wang and Commissar Song also had discussions and exchanges with representatives of the cadets respectively to learn more about their harvest from the intensive training, their feelings on the job and their work plans, listen to their contradictions, perplexity, opinions and suggestions, and answer their doubts and encourage them.Commander Wang pointed out that the training has achieved the expected goal and the participants have greatly improved their ideological understanding, military quality, self-management, style and image. He congratulated them on their achievements and progress.We warmly welcome the civilian personnel working in the provincial military area commands, who are actively engaged in national defense mobilization and have injected fresh blood into the provincial military area commands’ war preparedness.We hope that we can fully understand the status, role, functions and tasks of civil servants, constantly improve their ideological quality and lay a solid ideological foundation for obeying the Party’s command.Constantly improve military capabilities, temper the overall excellent military quality;Continuously improve the business ability, become an expert in their own positions;Strengthen style discipline unceasingly, shape civilian personnel good image.Song pointed out that the training program is scientific, well-organized and guaranteed in place. The participants have a good mental outlook, a strong sense of exercise and a strict style of discipline, and the pre-job training has achieved initial results.He stressed that the intensive training is only the first step in a long journey and there is still a long way to go.We must further strengthen the ideological training, enhance the sense of identity;Strengthen quality exercise, enhance the sense of achievement;Strengthen the style of exercise, enhance happiness;Strengthen will quenching, enhance the sense of gain.I hope that all of you should stand up for politics, concentrate on business, strictly observe the bottom line and take the right path, and be high-quality civilian personnel with red thoughts, professional skills and upright style, so as to contribute your wisdom and wisdom to the all-round construction and high-quality development of the provincial military region in the new era.