3000 months to buy a house?Putian district down payment, monthly map exposure

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How much is the average monthly salary in Putian?Some say the average monthly salary is just over 5,000.If this is the case, according to the current average price in Putian, it takes 15 years to buy a house without eating or drinking!01 Putian to buy a suite exactly how much down payment, monthly payment?In recent years, with the rising housing price in Putian, it is indeed not easy to buy a house. Some people have to spend decades of savings, some have to empty six wallets at the same time, and even some people are worried about the mortgage all day long and dare not spend money or get sick.So, now putian to buy a suite, exactly how much down payment capital?How much is the monthly payment?In order to give you an intuitive understanding and feeling, according to the current housing prices in various areas of Putian, a picture can help you know how to buy a house for your reference when choosing a house.At present, there are several steel supply areas in Putian, such as high-speed railway New City, university Town, Xinhan District, Xiuyu District and West Zhanglin District in Putian. Although they are steel supply areas, the monthly supply is not low.If you choose in the main city of this scope, it is worth paying attention to the high-tech new city, Huating Zhanglin, in limited funds, it is better to buy a set here, after all, the planning of the new district and the main city of the sense of separation is weak.Similarly, the capital is not much just need, choose supporting relatively convenient life, can give priority to the new han area, south is hanjiang Pond north area.As for long-term investment, high-speed railway new city or university city can be chosen, but it must be held for a long time, and short-term is not recommended.Buy a 120 square meter apartment in Putian, and the improvement gene is strong in Putian urban area. However, the price is not low at present, so we need to find cost-effective housing sources.At present, the urban area of Putian has stabilized at about 1.7W. Among them, the price of new houses in high-quality areas such as downtown, south of the city and Yuhu is still at the top of the housing price pyramid in Putian. After all, the areas with perfect supporting facilities are often the first choice of high-end improvement people.▲120㎡ apartment, 30% down payment, 30 years loan map, yuhu can be said to be putian people ideal property, now many real estate also played a cost-effective, enough capital to choose.Putian West, university city these two areas, if the self-living is of course very ideal, but this area is more awkward, just need more, buy here to improve, the late transaction cycle will become longer, part of the current positioning of the improved plate, now have existing houses are still selling, it is difficult to see.The high-speed railway area in Putian gradually needs to be transformed, and the supporting facilities for the newly transformed area are not mature enough, so it still needs to wait.For just need customers, the above is the full picture of Putian housing price echelon. This year, the down payment threshold has become higher, and the price rise is more obvious in The Areas of Shou Xi and Yuhu.042022 Putian improvement is still the market leading role from the current level of monthly payments, more than putian housing prices, whether just need 3000+, or improve 10000+, for ordinary families, are around the test.At present, the price range of new houses in Putian real estate market is divided into the following sections: 1.7W-2W: Putian Wanda, Longdejing, Shou Xi Park, Bus station 1.5W-1.7W: Wanda South, North and East of the city 1W-1.5W: Putian West, West Tianwei, Hanjiang Trade City, Xinghan Shuidu 0.8W-1W:Xiuyu, high-speed rail new city, university city, new han area, Hualin area about 0.8W: Huating, Jiangkou, the north shore longitudinal comparison, half a year, it is obvious that the price of the core urban area is still strong, it is expected that many improvements in the urban area this year, the improvement is an opportunity.Now there is good news is that mortgage interest rates have been lowered, the monthly loan compared with the beginning of the year can save dozens of monthly payments, but the down payment threshold has been raised.If the capital shortage, must buy the outer suburbs, transportation, education is the key, as well as a premium to hold, will be resilient.1. At present, if you want to buy a house in Putian urban area, the down payment of 500,000 yuan and the monthly mortgage of 5,000 yuan are the most conservative calculation.People who want to buy a house can make an assessment and have money ready.2. In the same area of Putian, the price of second-hand houses is obviously lower than that of new houses, except in some areas (such as Yuhu), but the down payment is higher than that of most new houses in the same area.It is suggested that the first choice of new home buyers.3. The background of high housing prices and high monthly payments has been unable to be changed. It is necessary to know your economic strength, and then choose the right housing area for you.4. Finally, when buying a house, we should not only look at the price, but also at regional planning, location value and comprehensive product value.Putian house can bear how many monthly payments?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section!