The kids are having fun!Shougang Park, Liugong Huicheng Family Tourist Park

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In this qingming holiday, Shougang Park “on the new” a number of consumer experience projects covering food, accommodation, travel, travel, shopping and entertainment fields, the reporter visited the park on April 4 noticed that most of the tourists are family travel, the majority of parents with children.The most popular area in the park is Shougang Park, Where fun activities, family games and camping-themed flash MOBS in the outdoor space attract the attention of parents and children.Located in Zone B of Shougang Park liugong Hui Plot, just one street away from The Third Blast Furnace, the newly built outdoor “Shining Market” hides many interesting experiences, covering different themes such as food, art, creativity, jewelry, music and so on. It has become a paradise for children.Visitors can enter after scanning the code and registering at the entrance, and the scene is full of people and orderly.Make coffee, learn flower arrangement, play arcade, buy cultural and creative products, taste the new Shougang soda…In front of each pavilion, children lined up to participate in the interactive experience.Some parents and children are telling the history of Shougang in front of the exhibition board.”Mom, I want to stamp it too!”Members stood in a long line in front of the park, watching other children’s cards collected nine stamps, the son of Ms. Wang waved the card map of Shougang Park, ready to play in the park with great interest.”At home, the children always say that the ski big jump is like a big slide. They always want to see it. We will take our son to the ski big jump first, then to the three blast furnace and skywalk around.””Ms. Wang said.It is understood that tourists during the Qingming Festival and the following two weekends can participate in the activity of taking photos and punching badges, punching points complete different tasks can collect stamps, exchange and receive shougang soda, three blast furnace cultural innovation ice cream, limited postcards or notebooks and other gifts.Visitors can scan the code to register as a member of Shougang Park liugong Club and join the community to know the activity information in advance.Shougang old factory sedimentation tank used to dig under the original design transformed into a sunken square, small holiday during the square ushered in the “debut”.Parents and children set up tents together to enjoy the spring sunshine. The square quickly turned into a camping ground, with more than a dozen small white tents standing out.On the other side of the children excitedly surrounded the clown is performing, huge bubbles flew to the sky, the children jumped up excitedly.It is understood that Shougang Park, Liugonghui, JINGdong Sports and MAX Outdoor will bring a variety of parent-child activities for tourists, including hand-painted tent experience, small scientific experiments, children’s drama performance and clown performance.Shougang Park has determined the annual theme of “dare to be extraordinary”. Through the introduction of the Winter Olympics, science and technology, cultural industry activities, it has become a gold medal industrial park with “activities every week and highlights every month”.On this basis, Shougang Park Liugong Hui will launch the theme activity of “Urban Awakening Power Plan”. Every weekend and holiday in April, it will carry out shining new energy trendy activities and camping theme flash mob activities in outdoor space.Up to now, about 70% of the commercial investment has been completed for shougang Park liugong Hui Project, among which 80% has been completed for D Mall.Up to now, yum China, Starbucks, The Woods Cafe and other brands have basically finished decoration, waiting for The official business.THE mall has signed brands including KFC, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Seesaw, THE WOODS Cafe, Small hanging pear Soup, Jiangbian City, Jiubenju Wine House, Nio House, Ideal Car and so on, which are expected to open in THE second quarter.It is understood that under the situation of epidemic prevention and control, shougang Industrial Park will keep close to the popularity of consumption activities in 2022, and will make overall plans for consumption activities in the park on a quarterly basis.In the second quarter, Shougang Park focused on the “science fiction + technology” enterprise customer group, started the overall industrial investment promotion action, opened the project of Zhongguancun Science fiction Industry Innovation Center for Jin ‘anqiao Area, combined with the science and technology enterprise forum and enterprise activities to create a directional atmosphere, integrated the release experience scene of enterprises and merchants, and laid the foundation for transformation.For example, from April to May, I planned the “Gold Medal Shougang Park – Dare to shine for extraordinary Flowers with whole Heart New Century” Shougang Park opening consumption carnival activities.