Stir-fried green beans are easy to make, green in color, delicious in flavor and delicious in meal

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Hello, old iron, today we share a delicious meal, why?The chef stir-fried green beans, so delicious and delicious, and super green.Today I will teach you this cooking skills, first let’s buy green beans, be sure to buy the tender green beans, only the tender green beans are delicious, and then turn around, clean and put aside for later use.Next let’s prepare other dishes, cut a little pork belly first, at the end of the cutting it in a bowl, set aside, again a little bit to dry red chili, clean oblique knife cut into small pieces, a piece of ginger slice ginger slice first, then cut into shredded ginger, green Onions are prepared to point to cut into chopped green onion, garlic to several clap a slice garlic, after cutting it all together and set aside.Then let’s heat up the pot, pot heat into the cooking oil, the oil temperature to four to five hot, then put in the prepared green beans, open a small fire slowly fried, remember the oil temperature is not too high, the oil temperature is too high fried green beans will turn yellow, so the oil temperature is the key to green beans.There is a point we also have to remember, fried green beans for three to five minutes or so, fried green beans to nine ripe can be, must be fried to eat, fried green beans to the surface a bit like tiger skin, fried, and then out of the dry oil reserve.Then do not wash the pot, put in the prepared pork belly, then turn on a low fire and slowly fry, fry the oil and fry the meat flavor, and then put in the chopped garlic, ginger, chopped scallion, sichuan pepper also to a little, dry red pepper is also put in stir-fry together, turn on a low fire and fry the flavor.After frying the fragrance, and then put the fried green beans into, stir fry a few times together, began to adjust the taste, salt, sugar to a little, light soy sauce, chicken essence, taste very fresh, then open the fire stir fry more than 10, and finally sprinkled with cooked sesame, can be out of the pot.The stir-fried green beans made like this are very green in color and fresh in taste. You will never forget them once you eat them. Don’t forget to like and follow them, thank you for your support.