Go to Shanghai!A total of 1730 members of the Fujian medical team went to battle

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April 7, Fujian medical team to Shanghai from Fuzhou, Xiamen 2 airports fly to Shanghai, Fujian medical team to Shanghai a total of 1730 people by 8 provincial medical and health units and 8 districts and cities a total of 123 medical and health institutions from the assembly!At 14:00 on April 7th, the provincial party Committee and the provincial government, and xiamen Municipal Party Committee and Government respectively saw off the medical workers at Changle Airport and Gaoqi Airport.Xiamen Airlines’ MF8665 Fuzhou-Shanghai Hongqiao flight, the first of 15 charter flights, left Fuzhou Changle Airport for Shanghai at 14:28 p.m.Subsequently, Xiamen Airlines in Fuzhou and Xiamen airports, about every half an hour to carry out a charter flight.Among them, xiamen Airlines flew 12 flights from Fuzhou and escorted 1,273 people, while Xiamen flew 3 flights and escorted 456 people.A total of 1,729 medical workers were escorted from the two places.On the same day, Xiamen Airlines opened a number of special support counters in fuzhou Changle Airport, the main position of mission support, and arranged special personnel to guide the medical staff in Shanghai to create a green safety channel for the whole process.Xiamen Gaoqi Airport is also a busy but orderly scene, staff in an orderly ground service.In the face of the influx of supplies and luggage, both places have activated the advance collection guarantee to ensure that medical staff travel without worries.According to introducing, this batch of signing Shanghai medical staff in fujian province mainly comes from fujian province set up hospital, union hospital, province, provincial maternity hospital maternity and child care, children’s hospital, and a number of provincial, municipal hospital in province people’s hospital, in which large Numbers of people who participated in the signing of hubei, aid achieving resistance to disease, after they arrived in Shanghai will actively join in the resistance to disease.”You are heroes in your ordinary lives. Please take care of yourself while taking care of others.My best regards to you!”Chen Bin, the captain of one of the flights, paid tribute to the medical staff over the captain’s announcement.Blessing Shanghai, a “heron” guarding “Shanghai”, each flight of the mission were specially arranged with this theme.The cabin was decorated with red stickers printed with the words “Fight with all our strength”, “Fujian and Shanghai Love” and “Carry forward the great Spirit of fighting against THE epidemic”. The flight attendants wore masks with stickers of “Fight against the Epidemic with one Heart” and waved hand-held boards with words such as “Salute white clothing against the road”, “Come on Shanghai” and “Bless Shanghai” to cheer up the medical staff.Let them feel the warmth and strength of the journey with sincere service.Li Hong, a nurse in charge of fujian Provincial Hospital, had a special birthday.The cabin crew sent sincere birthday wishes to li Hong through the cabin radio, and held a specially prepared birthday cake and handwritten birthday cards from xiamen Airlines flight chefs. They wished Li Hong a happy birthday and shared the joy with everyone.The flight attendants said, “The preparation is a little hasty. We look forward to the triumphant return of the medical staff in Shanghai as soon as possible, and we will pick them up then, so that Dr. Li Hong can have a more lively birthday.”Source: Southeast Express reporter Qi Rong correspondent Gao Yingfa Liang Xiaoxu article/photo