Go and eat meat in Xinjiang

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In addition to the unique cultural heritage and beautiful scenery, food is also an essential part of a city to attract people.Wandering around eating, no delicious travel is not perfect, we yearn for the magnificent mountains and rivers, also can not be mistreated taste buds.Follow Xiaoxi to embark on an immersive journey of Xinjiang cuisine!Xinjiang big pan Chicken is a dish that both locals and outsiders like very much. It is highly accepted.Tender chicken with potatoes, green pepper sauce fusion, spicy fresh with a slight sweet.The best way to eat big dish chicken is to add wide dough skin. The dough skin of Q bullet is wrapped with special soup, and the mouth is smooth and delicious.Whole lamb to choose goat or lamb, smeared with secret sauce, into the bursa pit roast.The skin of the whole lamb with Xinjiang characteristics is golden and oily, the entrance is crispy but not greasy, and the meat inside is fresh and tender, with a tangy aroma and no odor.As a popular food, shish kebab has long occupied the night market in the streets and lanes. It is the xinjiang characteristic food that outsiders are most familiar with.Xinjiang people do mutton skewers is very bold and horizontal, cut into a large string of direct fire roast system, bright color sauce yellow, oil zizi ground braving aroma, accessories a sprinkle, a direct end on the table.The meat is fresh and juicy, brittle and soft, with unique flavor.4 Xinjiang Pepper sesame Chicken first allow Xiao Xi on behalf of sichuan colleagues to award Xinjiang pepper sesame chicken “Xinjiang most want to eat the first food list” the crown!Pepper chicken with ecological chicken as raw material, the selection of dozens of first-class rare Chinese medicine secret system.The spicy chili pepper, the meat is smooth and tender, can be regarded as a magic tool for cooking.5 baking steamed stuffed bun roast mutton steamed stuffed bun is absolutely can’t use is too thin, want to choose the leg of lamb meat, a measure of uniform, chop stuffing with sheep tail oil, Onions, salt, pepper and other ingredients, supplemented by property in xinjiang cumin powder, stir well to add a small amount of water, on the roll good sub-agent, fold rectangularity, stick into the roasting called naan pit ten minutes.When you bite into it, the crispy skin exploses, and the oily mutton fills your mouth, not too fishy or too greasy.There’s an old saying that a watched pot never boils, but the buns are best when they’re fresh from the oven. The skin is neither squishy nor hard, but they’re crispy and drenched in gravy, and the lamb fillings don’t get fishy.The only thing to be careful of is not to burn your tongue with the gravy inside the bun.Naan, one of xinjiang’s staple foods, is mostly round.Tanned naan is extremely crispy, has very little water and is easy to store.In my opinion, nang and shish kebabs are perfect.Put grilled lamb kebabs on top of hot, toasted _naan bread for a soul-lift that will make meat lovers and carbon Mercury people cry.7 Smoked horse intestines this is a necessary kazakh food in winter, every winter, when the cattle and horses are the most fat, choose a fat horse, take its intestines clean, ribs cut into strips together with ribs into three feet long horse intestines.The resulting horse intestines are rich in fat but not greasy.Meat is dried and smoked and can be stored for a long time.Eat at any time, do at any time, the tender meat with bones and skin is quite tough, fat and lean.”Roast whole sheep by hand, pull big wusu.”A sentence out of xinjiang food culture heroic.Dousu is brewed from tianshan mountains and fine hops, with higher alcohol content than ordinary beer, thick taste and strong afterpower. It is an essential drink for People in Xinjiang.Xinjiang spicy chicken, Qu Qu Lamb Chop, claw noodles, lung zi, rice intestines, lamb lamb, ramen noodles hu, Spicy lamb hooves, Spicy Chicken, Roasted Lamb tripe, Meat Wrapped in lamb belly, ContinuedXinjiang mixed noodles, baked steamed stuffed bun, thin skin steamed stuffed bun, rice intestines, Xinjiang balls soup (with oil tower), Xinjiang Sanliang (cold skin, cold noodles, cold flour), Xinjiang mutton braised cake, Xinjiang Naan bao meat, Xinjiang nine bowls of three-line banquet Xinjiang oil meat, Xinjiang Gobi grilled fish, shelf meat, air-dried steamed bun…No more words, now set out, to Xinjiang!Note: Some of the pictures are from the documentary “Taste of Xinjiang”, “A Bite of China” screenshots and dianping eating friends, deleted.Reference: MAIGOO net “Xinjiang top ten Dishes”