Can’t afford to eat tea eggs?

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Can’t afford to eat tea eggs?Spring Festival is coming in Taiwan.According to, Straits Herald and, there are no eggs in Taiwan for the Spring Festival.This is a bit strange. Taiwan is also an economically developed region. How can it be that the four Asian tigers can’t even buy eggs?Undersupplied?There should be a lot of chickens in Taiwan. It is said that there are more than 40 million chickens and only 23 million Taiwan residents.Taiwan people buy eggs, is probably the New Year’s eve dinner must be used, is the custom.Earlier, some anchors and scholars in Taiwan portrayed the mainland as backward and poor by saying on TV that people on the mainland could not afford tea eggs and that pickled mustard was a luxury item.As a result, people from Taiwan go to mainland China, Shenzhen and other places to see the high-speed railway station, exclaim science fiction, fantasy, and even get lost.The mainland has been developing very well for a long time, not in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. According to people who have been to Taiwan, the urban construction and the living standards of the residents there are even lagging behind the mainland now. Because of the mainland’s potential, the mainland is developing too fast, while Taiwan is relatively stagnant and backward.In terms of music, TV and movies, singers and programs from Taiwan used to be popular, but now when we watch Taiwanese TV dramas and songs, we feel that they are actually far behind the mainland, and many Taiwanese artists simply come to the mainland to develop their careers.Because Taiwan’s local market is so big, Chinese literature circle, the mainland is the biggest market.Population size, market size, cultural and entertainment localization, natural development is good, development is fast.People from the mainland, some of whom have relatives in Taiwan, know more or less about Taiwan, how they live, how much they earn, and how the level of urban construction is. Many young Taiwanese live and work in Xiamen because they think Fujian is better than Taiwan.Therefore, some hosts spread rumors, nonsense, mainland people can not afford to eat tea eggs, what pickled mustard is a luxury, pure nonsense, but also to bring rhythm, mixed flow.With the development of the Internet, information and information, don’t the young people in Taiwan know the real situation and living standard of the mainland?Taiwan why make egg shortage, nothing more than bird flu, low temperature, plus man-made disaster, what freeze rise order, artificial limit price rises, violate market rules.Chicken farmers, farmers without money to earn, without profit, of course, not active.If the project to improve people’s livelihood and the vegetable basket project fails, the people may start to abuse the streets, their mothers and others.In Taiwan, eggs are selling for 44 yuan a catty, and some supermarket shelves are empty. It is absurd and bizarre.It can only be said that there are problems with the ideas and measures of the Taiwan authorities. They cannot solve the basic problems of life, material security and supply. Even rich people cannot buy eggs, and some housewives run out of eggs at supermarkets three times a week.The Taiwan authorities may need to import some eggs from the mainland and North America to meet the needs of residents, or provide subsidies to boost the enthusiasm of egg farmers and chicken farmers, control the avian flu epidemic and optimize the breed of old hens, etc.Otherwise, the residents of the island may not be able to afford tea eggs, not afford to eat the problem, but spend money, can not buy, can only envy, envy, hate, watching the mainland people eat tea eggs!Keeping green forever (1070 words) | kundera media culture studios Alishan other: some pictures for the simulation of imagination, do not represent words mean.