Aishwarya, the most beautiful woman in India, said: ‘If you marry a banana tree, why are you being scolded

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Red is more than right!For beauty, that is even more so!India is a prolific producer of beautiful women who have won miss World titles.But even in such a beauty of the country, the national worship of beauty is still a flock to.Aishwarya Rai, once known as “the most beautiful woman” in India, was adored when she hit the big time;But when she met her Waterloo, she was reviled by everyone.Aishwarya was born in November 1973 to a middle-class family, her father a sailor and her mother a writer.She has lived a comfortable life since she was little.In India’s patriarchal society, her parents did not reject her because she was a girl, but rather focused on raising her.Aishwarya is also very ambitious, excellent grades from childhood, through their own efforts, admitted to the university.She majored in architecture and often worked as a model in her spare time. Because of her good appearance, many advertising companies were willing to cooperate with her.In 1994, shortly after graduating, she entered the Miss World beauty contest.At the age of 21, she is at the peak of her beauty skills. Her white skin, delicate features and tall figure complement her delicate temperament, and she won the title of champion in her first beauty pageant.The success of the competition opened the door for Aishwarya to the entertainment industry.Countless people sought her to act, cooperation, she became the entertainment circle of the xiangbobo.In her third year, she won the New Actress Award for her first film, Dancing Prince.Since then, she has been more and more famous in the entertainment industry.Less than two years later, she won the title of best actress for the film When Will YOU Know My Heart?Aishwarya, modest and progressive, did not give up her efforts because god gave her beauty.Instead, she set her sights on Hollywood.For an actor, Hollywood is definitely a place to prove himself.In the years that followed, she devoted all her energy to acting, making one wonderful film after another.The actor, who is from India, has more and more opportunities to appear around the world.Advertising agencies in England, France, Russia, Italy and Spain sought her to pose for magazines. This beautiful and gentle exotic beauty was adored by people all over the world.She has even been called one of the most influential people.She broke many records as an actress.She was the first Indian woman to be waxed by Madame Tussaud’s wax museum in London.She was also the first jury member of an international film festival from India;The first Indian actor known to the world…Such a national treasure of the actor, but has deep-rooted traditional ideas, especially about love and marriage.From her debut in 1994 to 2006, Aishwarya has devoted the best time of her life to her career for 12 years.There have been numerous suitors around her, but none of them were her true love.It wasn’t until 2006 that she had a romantic “spring.”She met Abhishek Bachchan while working on Phantom 2.The two play lovers.During filming, the two fall in love.When they fell in love, they were out of control.Especially after the movie, the two are out of the pair, not shy.Within a year, the two were talking about getting married.But at this time, Abhishek’s father did not approve of the union.Originally, abushek’s father acquiesced in their marriage, but when it came to talk about marriage, he would find a fortune-teller and calculate their eight characters.Fortune-telling results have surprised him, Aishwarya hit kefu.Aishwarya must marry a banana tree before she can marry her son.Although aishwarya is beautifully dressed and fashionable in front of people, she is still a traditional Indian woman at heart.She was an upper-caste woman, higher than most women in India, but still possessed the idea that men were inferior to women.If you want to make it work with your boyfriend, you have to follow the advice of a better man.In the end, she chose to marry banana Tree.Fortunately, two people are firm enough to each other’s friendship, after this disaster, two people zhang Luo a grand wedding, enjoyed a few years of sweet 2 people world.In the third year of their marriage, Aishwarya finally became pregnant.At the age of 37, she had endured a difficult pregnancy, vomiting and getting out of shape.Especially after giving birth, Aishwarya became an unattractive middle-aged woman.At the same time, she was blamed for representing India’s international image. Aishwarya was “treasonous” for being out of shape and getting fat.She is patriotic only if she loses weight, starts a diet and fitness program, and gets back to her good old self.Some even called Aishwarya a traitor for getting fat.Fortunately, Aishwarya is also very careful about her image, after a period of persistence, she has finally regained her former beautiful body.Only, presumably this among them only she knows the sadness.After marriage Aishwarya gradually fade out of people’s sight, those are also eventually far away.Now, she has been a mother of one child, perhaps in her eyes, those are all gone, the happy life of the family is what she cares most.