A new asymptomatic domestic case has been reported in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, as a domestic servant of a previous case

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On February 15, two asymptomatic novel coronavirus cases were found in the epidemiological investigation and treatment of a close contact of positive cases in Wuxi.In the early morning of February 16, a routine nucleic acid test was conducted on a close contact under centralized quarantine in Xishan District of Zhuhai, and a domestic servant of case 1 was found to be positive in the initial screening. In the morning, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention retested the result and transferred the case to a designated hospital for isolation and medical observation.After consultation by a municipal expert group, she was diagnosed as a novel Coronavirus asymptomatic infection.Investigations have been carried out on all contacts, key groups and sites, and emergency response work, such as tracing the source of flow control, nucleic acid testing and environmental disinfection, is progressing in an orderly manner.As of 15 o ‘clock on The 16th, 3,434 people in close contact with the three asymptomatic infected persons in The city had been screened, including 389 people in close contact and 3,045 people in secondary contact. All of them had been placed under centralized quarantine for medical observation, and nucleic acid test results of 2,969 people had been negative.Among them, 46 teachers, students and staff in the Chengzhong Campus of Wuxi Normal School Affiliated To the Primary School were in close contact, 532 were in close contact, and 1291 others were in close contact. 90 environmental samples were collected, and nucleic acid test results were all negative.In other training institutions and schools, 27 teachers, students and staff were contacted in secret and 1,400 in secret, 185 environmental samples were collected, and nucleic acid test results were all negative.A total of 63,385 people at risk were sampled for nucleic acid testing, of which 26,596 people were tested negative.1103 items and environmental samples from relevant sites have been collected, of which 1088 have been tested negative for nucleic acid.A total of 260,000 square meters of environmental destruction have been completed.Please do not believe, spread or fabricate rumors. The municipal Joint Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters will release follow-up information on prevention and control.If you find that there is a time and space intersection between you and the reported asymptomatic infected person, you must immediately report to your community or work unit and coordinate with your health management work.In case of fever, dry cough, fatigue and other symptoms, go to the nearest fever clinic immediately, wear a mask all the way to the doctor, and avoid taking public transportation.China will strictly abide by relevant requirements for epidemic prevention and control, and those who violate relevant regulations on epidemic prevention and control and cause the spread of the epidemic, or knowingly disclose the privacy of the parties concerned, will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law and regulations.We thank the general public for their understanding and cooperation in the epidemic prevention and control work. Let us unite as one and strive to win the battle against the epidemic quickly.The attached:Case 3 (domestic service worker of Case 1) mainly lived in Jinxiyuan, Dongting Street, Xishan District from 8:20-13:30 on February 13 and went to Dongfang Tianjun Community (residence of Case 1). Domestic service 13:50-15:00, Jinxiyuan Community from 15:30-19:30, Dongfang Wangxie Community from 7:00-8:20, February 14, Evergrande OasisCommunity 9:00 Baolong Square 9:30-13:00 Second time to Dongfang Tianjun Community 13:30-15:00 Jinxiyuan Community 15:30-19:30 Dongfang Wangxie Community 7:00-8:30 February 15 Evergrande Oasis Community 9:00-baolong Square 9:30-10:10 Fenghui Square Suguo Supermarket Source: Released in Wuxi