Xuanhua pyrograph non-genetic successors “baked” out of the Winter Olympics spectacular

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Gourd pyrograph is a traditional manual art is also part of the intangible cultural heritage xuanhua pyrograph non-genetic inheriter Guo Chunlei will be the traditional culture and the elements of the Winter Olympics clever integration to create a series of works Guo Chunlei:”I want to create as many calabash works related to the Winter Olympics as possible, so that more people can know about the Winter Olympics and our company zhangjiakou, and spread the folk art culture of calabash pyrograph to the outside world.”Guo Chunlei is working overtime to produce gourd pyrograph series themed “Winter Olympic Champions” in his studio of Zhangjiakou Intangible cultural heritage gourd pyrograph project in Zhangjiakou, North China’s Hebei province, Feb. 10, 2019.At the same time, he has successively created more than 30 gourd pyrograph and woodcut works for the Winter Olympics, such as “Snow Wishes”, “Tiger Hopes for the Winter Olympics” and “Great Rivers and Mountains”, to make a contribution to the Winter Olympics in his own way and express his good wishes for the Winter Olympics.Gourd as medium Guo Chunlei carry forward the spirit of the games this year 53 years old, who lives in xuanhua district jurisdiction street community, as a non-material cultural heritage gourd pyrography zhangjiakou project inheritance, from the moment of Olympic bid success, just came out of the “must use their own special skills and interests to gourd as the medium, the gourd pyrography works,With the idea of promoting the Spirit of the Winter Olympics and helping the Winter Olympics “, I want to create a series of works of Winter Olympics elements with my best gourd pyrograph, so that more people can understand the Winter Olympics and fall in love with ice and snow sports through gourd pyrograph.Slowly, he began to brew in his mind a variety of “help the Winter Olympics” pyrograph works of the picture, composition, and has created “Snow Wishes”, “Tiger Hope winter Olympics”, “Great rivers and Mountains” and other more than 30 gourd pyrograph and woodcut winter Olympics works.In order to create the gourd pyrograph of the winter Olympics series, Guo Chunlei has to consult a lot of information, information, pictures and other information to figure out research.Among them, “Snow Ruyi”, a gourd pyrograph about 50 centimeters high and 40 centimeters wide, at the beginning of creation to find information, but also let Guo Chunlei put a lot of effort.”This work has the Olympic rings symbolizing the Winter Olympics, the Great Wall of our motherland, and the Snow ruyi built in Zhangjiakou. These elements are integrated into the work, with the caption ‘Come on, let’s go to the future’, to express good wishes for the Winter Olympics.”But in the process of creation, because he had never seen the true face of “Snow ruyi”, Guo Chunlei has been suffering from its god, until a chance, he went to Chongli District of Zhangjiakou City, which was fortunate to observe closely, figure out “snow Ruyi”, and finally successful creation.”Gourd pyrograph is a national intangible cultural heritage project, since the Western Han Dynasty, reached its peak in the Qing Dynasty, to make the finished product is very three-dimensional, and the creation of the most difficult is the face and animal hair show.Looking at the working room, there are large and small gourd pyrographs in different shapes, Guo Chunlei said.Since the Opening of the Winter Olympics, he has been working overtime until dawn every day to create a series of gourd pyrographs with the theme of “Winter Olympic Champions.”So far, has successively created wu Dajing, Gu Ailing, Ren Ziwei, Su Yiming and other winter Olympics winning athletes image gourd soldering pictures.At the same time, he is going to use the form of gourd pyrograph, respectively for the Winter Olympic Games each winning athletes, drawing pyrograph image to commemorate.”During the Winter Olympics, I feel very happy to use my special skills and hobbies to make excellent athletes on calabash in the form of calabash pyrograph.”Guo chunlei said, “The country provides us with a platform to show to the world. As a non-hereditary inheritors of gourd pyrography, I think we should spread this folk art culture.”Looking at Guo Chunlei holding electric cauliflower pen, wrist slightly moved, with thin wisps of smoke rising, a winter Olympic athletes image is lifelike cauliflower on the gourd.Pencil drafting, electric iron marking, rendering, color pressing, gourd drawing pencil drafting, from the fire pen after the pen, the whole process can not be wrong.In this way, step by step to draw down, in order to keep the color of gourd pyrograph work does not fall, the work is more profound.Guo Chunlei introduced that gourd pyrograph itself is a folk art and culture, carrying the traditional folk craft skills, with the temperature of the iron to reflect the color shade change, has a unique artistic style.He feels proud and honored to participate in the Winter Olympics through this art.He also plans to draw the mascots of the Winter Olympics, Bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong, to express his blessing to the Winter Olympics and spread the culture and traditional culture of the Winter Olympics.For xuanhua soldering painting non-genetic inheritor praise: Liu Chang Intern: He Xitong: Tian Jing Editor: Chen Jian reprint this article please indicate: beauty Xuanhua author/source: beauty Xuanhua statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.