The response was overwhelming!TVB star live live concert!34 million hits!

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Planned and produced by TVB, the “Hong Kong Spring Festival Interactive Live Concert of Stars” was broadcast live on TVB’s wechat account last night. The concert attracted 34.63 million viewers in Hong Kong and Shanghai, setting a new record for the platform’s live video account, and received more than 19.67 million likes online.The evening wireless operating (content), general manager of wang Ming quan and Eric tsang, hacken lee, zhang, leaf 蒨, Miriam yeung, Du Li, grasshoppers, ren, fat mother, sing a song, li, Wayne lai, Moses chan, Chen Zhan peng, shan soft, Joe, monica, bosco, Roy, Kenneth ma, Luo Zi overflow, Nancy wu, Hubert, “sound dream legend” students take turns to offerSinging performance, the stars arch shine New Year!Miriam Yeung’s new hairstyle has become the focus of Chinese netizens, who leave comments praising her refreshing image.Among the performances, “Let’s Move” by huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoxi, Ma Guoming and Luo Ziyi was the most interesting.Among them, huang Zongtaek and Wu Zhuoxi, who have the experience of singing and dancing, attract the eyes from head to tail.Unknown whether by two companion stimulation, famous natural ma Guoming also really move up, from time to time with the rhythm of the swing of him, more sun out of the slingshot jump, success steal the spotlight!As for luo Ziyi, who is promoted to father level, she is obviously afraid of ugliness and giggles from time to time, which is quite cute.Li Keqin, a mentor on the Mainland singing show The Voice of China 2021 and a champion trainee, sang “When You Are Old” during the live broadcast. The perfect performance was praised by netizens as “Walking CD”.Sally yeh and Miriam yeung “distance” chorus, recreate the classic song “meet the 1998”, the song of the original singer na ying and wang fei, two people ever sing in a fit in the CCTV Spring Festival gala in 1998, during the 24 years in zh zh again sing in public, recalled millions of collective memory, is the mainland netizens praised “dream coalition”, and refers to two people together create the new classic.At the end of the evening, wang Mingquan and Zhang Zhilin led a group of “Sound dream” students, including: Zhang Chihao, He Jinle, Xian Jingfeng, etc., to sing together “My Chinese Heart”, “Pearl of the Orient”, “Tomorrow will be better” and other classic songs.