Sichuan first case!The defendant subscribes to “carbon sink” as compensation

2022-06-05 0 By

On April 6, a court in Baoxing County, Ya ‘an, heard a case of illegal logging. Six defendants voluntarily subscribed 24,000 kg of “carbon sink” through the Sichuan Joint Environmental Exchange for alternative ecological restoration of illegal logging, sichuan High Court learned.This case is the first restorative judicial case in Sichuan province that introduces the concept of “carbon sink”.It was found by the court that from May to September 2021, Wang Dazhi and other six defendants illegally felled seven tall trees (three maple trees and four maple trees) in Baoxing county and Tianquan County of Ya ‘an city, Sichuan Province, and sold them for profits, causing damage to the local ecological environment.Subscribe “carbon sink” to protect the giant pandas national park and ensure timely repair damaged ecological environment, biodiversity treasure “carbon sink” repair concept, introduced baoxing county court, repeatedly with sichuan united environment exchange study fixes, prompted the defendant voluntarily from sichuan 6 ring exchange subscribed 24000 kg “carbon sink”, used to repair the damage of the ecological environment.In this case, the defendant will not only repair the “carbon sink”, but also replant 70 spruce trees according to the design of the restoration operation.What is a “carbon sink”?”Carbon sink” refers to the process, activity or mechanism of reducing the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by using plant photosynthesis to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and fix it in plants and soil through afforestation, forest management, vegetation restoration and other measures.In a broad sense, Carbon Sink refers to the process, activity and mechanism of removing Carbon dioxide from the air.The defendant’s voluntary subscription of “carbon sink” to repair the damaged ecological environment is not only a means innovation of diversified restorative justice, but also a symbol of the transformation and upgrading of traditional restorative judicial work into scientific and technological restoration.In this case, subscription funds will be used by Sichuan United Environment Exchange for ecological resource protection in accordance with the procedures to achieve the purpose of alternative restoration of the ecological environment;The amount of “carbon sink” purchased will be used to offset the damaged carbon emissions of the ecological environment (carbon neutral).Although wang Dazhi and the other six defendants will replant 70 young spruce trees according to the design of restoration operation, the carbon sequestration capacity of young forest is not as strong as that of middle forest, so carbon storage needs to be superimposed.Therefore, the 6 defendants voluntarily purchased a certain amount of “carbon sink” to repair their damaged ecology, which made up for the deficiency that the replanting and replanting judgment could not be “the first time” to fully repair the ecology.