SPP: More than 10,000 cases have been prosecuted nationwide since the outbreak

2022-06-05 0 By

According to the Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) on Monday, since the outbreak of COVID-19, procuratorates at all levels across China have been fighting the epidemic in accordance with the law and effectively safeguarding the order of epidemic prevention and control.According to statistics, by February 2022, procuratorial organs nationwide had approved the arrest of 9,377 people in 7,047 cases related to the epidemic, and prosecuted 15,666 people in 11,340 cases.In order to further guide the people to consciously abide by relevant laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control, and guide procuratorial organs to handle cases related to epidemic prevention and control in accordance with the law, the SPP released on March 31 the 16th batch of 6 typical CASES related to COVID-19 handled by procuratorial organs in accordance with the law.Including the case of Miao and Wang who refused to carry out disinfection and cleaning measures in the field of air transport and obstructed the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.