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Phoenix Publishing House will publish “Poetry Fairy” Li Bai in December 2021. Li Bai, the name that everyone has heard of, is the first-class poet of the Tang Dynasty in everyone’s mind. His poems can be regarded as the representative of tang poetry.Almost every man looking at the moon back his “silent night thinking”, every effort to people will practice great oaks to encourage themselves, every frustrated people have recited his “born I material will be useful”, each not afraid of powerful people have his mind “the son of Heaven call not to ship” image.When it comes to Li Bai, we are talking about words like “genius”, “gorgeous”, “poetic wine” and “immortal”. We are familiar with several of his masterpieces. However, when it comes to “what kind of person li Bai is”, in addition to those fragmentary stories, we do not know a lot.When we want to know about li bai Li bai’s biography of the visible record data, mainly distributed in the preface to the cottage of Li Yangbing, li hua, the reason is the academician bachelor Li Jun epitaph and preface, wei hao finds the preface to han-lin li set, Fan Chuanzheng of the tang dynasty left gleanings translation student Li Gongxin gravestones and preface, “old tang book, beautiful” and “the new tang book · literary biography.Compared with the previous several collections and epitaphs, the two Tang books were completed later, and the contents were too much repeated, so there were many references when compiling them.The preface preface, from the birth of Li Bai records on the beginning of different opinions.About the legend of Li Bai’s birth, Li Bing “Caotang Set preface” said his father “refers to Li Shu and born Boyang, jing Ginger evening, Chang Geng fell into a dream, so born white, ether white word.”Fan Chuanzheng “Tang Left hanlin bachelor Li Gongxin tombstone and preface” said “public health also, the first fu jun refers to the day branch to compound surname, the first lady dream chang Geng and xiang.”All of these corresponded to the fact that “his mother was pregnant and had pregnancy” and “his mother went to a plum tree to give birth to Lao Zi” recorded in Ge Hong’s Tales of Immortals, which added a mysterious color to Li Bai’s birth.As for Li Bai’s hometown, Li Yangbing’s Preface to Caotang Ji says: “The GUI group is very prominent in the world.Middle innocence, bereavement stay.”Fan Chuanzheng’s “Tang Left left Hanlin bachelor Li Gong’s new tombstone and preface” is more mysterious to record: “The house of no heir, difficult to seek ultimatum spectrum, the public’s granddaughter search in box suitcase, the duke of the dead son bo bird hand thin ten lines, paper bad word lack, can not be in detail…Sui late difficult, a room was channeling in the broken leaves, displaced scattered, hidden easy name.For generations of Chinese dynasties, li bai’s father from China with the furthest BianYu fortification in the west city ye came to the central plains of course, only in the historical records about li bai “latent guanghan” four words, then across half of the east Asia continent, through the endless desert and snow mountain, in the region in the tang shu, and traveled north to daxing, south to yongzhou,Almost all areas of the Tang dynasty as far east as Tiantai Mountain.About Li Bai’s travels, from our familiar poems, we know that Li Bai has been to many places: “At night to the Three Gorges, think you see down yuzhou” is in sichuan;”Apes on both sides of the river can not stop croaking, the light boat has crossed the ten thousand heavy mountains” “Mountains follow the plain to the end, the river flows into the wilderness” is out of the River to chu;”Sunshine censer gives birth to purple smoke, looking at the waterfall hanging in front of sichuan” is to come to the more southern Lushan;”Wu Gong flowers buried quiet path, Jin dynasty dress into ancient hill” “Lang riding bamboo horse, around the bed lane green plum” is to come to Jinling;”Cloud clothes flower to let, spring breeze to help threshold Revlon” is to come to the prosperous chang ‘an.There are also for the “Difficult Road in Shu” and tianmu Mountain imagination, Li Bai kept walking, which is mixed with all kinds of strange stories.For example, in the face of the corpse of a friend, “Bai Xue cries and holds the blade, bows and washes and cuts, walks with the bone wrapped, bears it, and carries it, without dropping out.”Such a strange custom.And such as “fairy medicine full bag, the book is full of basket” “Please North Sea Gao Tian tao Tao Tao Tao Tao Tao Lu in Qizhou Ziji Palace” such a trace, “raise strange birds thousands of records, all on the palm to take food, no surprise guess” so similar fairy ability;There are “east tour Weiyang, not more than a year, scattered gold more than three hundred thousand, there are abjection childe, learn all the” such tuhao behavior, it seems that “the daughter dispersed also come back” for him is not an empty talk — and he which come so much money?Sifting through biographies of Li Bai and some of his own writings, only two words can sum up his life — legend.But such a legendary life, it seems that does not belong to a real person who once lived in this world.Which brings us back to the question, “Who is Li Bai?”Finished watching the legend, we will find that li bai is everywhere, in every corner of datangshengshi is far west, is a mysterious town, jinling is lonely, is flourishing changan, we would like He Zhizhang exclamation li bai is “fallen” immortal, but want to know a real live in history of li bai, seem to have some distance.First, we need to discern.Of the above available biographies, which parts are credible, which parts are doubtful, which are li Bai’s own claims, and which are exaggerations of literary works.For example, Li Bai wrote in his poem “THE Journey of a Chivalry”, “Ten steps to kill one man, a thousand miles to stay.”In the “gift from brother Xiangyang Shaofu Hao” said: “Hold the body white blade, killing in the world of mortals.”Wei Hao in “Li Hanlin set preface” also said that he “less ren xia, blade several people”.But did Li Bai really kill anyone and be an outlaw?Its specific example must go with detailed record verification.Second, we need to explain.After all, Li Bai was not a figure detached from the society at that time, but a part of the society in the Tang Dynasty.Some of Li Bai’s behaviors can only be explained in the social context of that time.Such as li bai’s “bone was buried bodies for friends, li bai mountain seclusion cultivate immortality refined medicine in the popularity of the social, even by li bai marriage – two son in law by adoption phase door, this is all happen in this special period in tang dynasty, besides regrets his unusual, we can more by li bai to meet the social culture and customs of tang dynasty.Third, we need a series.Each of Li Bai’s deeds can be regarded as a classic to legend, but how to connect these legends as a part of a person’s life under the permission of a fact, this actually needs a lot of research work.What is more difficult is the chronological work of Li Bai’s works. Events can also correspond with the elements of time and place. How should the works with high artistic quality be connected with Li Bai’s life?When we read “Silent Night Thoughts”, can we restore Li Bai’s “Silent Night Thoughts” and then spread to the universal concept?This requires more rational analysis than emotional experience.Looking at the current scholars, yu Xianhao is the only one who can write a biography of Li Bai with his knowledge and feelings.Mr. Yu Xianhao served as vice president of China Tang Dynasty Literature Society and president of China Li Bai Research Society. His works include Annotations on The Complete Works of Li Taibai and Annotations on the Complete Works of Li Bai.Such scholars are undoubtedly able to help us identify and explain the many mysteries of Li Bai’s life.Mr Yu, the publication of the book fallen fairy poem hao li bai, is not like a scholarship to the textual research step by step, having index, but so many years study of material and connected with the narrator’s tone series into a plain readable biography, li bai’s life legend research into new ink on the paper to tell a story can be.How to understand Li Bai and Li Du are recognized as the two peaks of Tang poetry.When song people study Tang poetry, “respect du” is better than “respect Li”.There are two reasons for this. First, Du Fu’s poems excel in syntax, and are characterized by acceptation.Li Bai’s poetic genius is so extraordinary that it is difficult to copy without li Bai’s cultural background and extraordinary talent.Second, Du Fu “never forgets you at every meal” in his life. In his later years, Li Bai was tainted by the political stigma of losing his honor to Yong King Li Lin. In terms of morality, Du Fu is more in line with the ideas of song people than Li Bai.But back to the present, if we do not need to examine the premise of loyalty to the monarch, and do not need to study the creation of poetry, when facing Li Bai, what can we read?Mr. Yu mentioned in the book “Banished Immortal poet Li Bai” : “The biggest characteristic of Li Bai’s poetry art is the integration of qu Yuan’s and Zhuang Zhou’s artistic style……Li Bai’s works have both qu Yuan’s persistent fervent feelings, and zhuang Zhou’s unrestrained and detached style.”Persistence and fervor, openness and detachment are exactly what li Bai’s works leave us with the most intuitive impression.If Du Fu’s poems spread from a small dot around him to the spiritual remembrance and loneliness, such as recalling the past Jinghua from the sunset of Kui Fu, and “recalling the past to touch the province under the gate and holding up the Daming Palace” from the cherry of the wild man, then Li Bai’s poems are looking for the self with no place to put in the endless fantasy.Like the prosperity of Chang ‘an, the mystery of Tianmu Mountain and the hardship of Shu Road, Li Bai’s figure appears in those illusory shadows, which make us have a connection with these transcendent experiences through imagination.However, no matter how li Bai detached himself, compared himself to other people, wrote a letter to Han Jingzhou, reprimanded An Lushan, and participated in the Yongwang Shoate, all of which were inseparable from the current situation.To some extent, Li Bai’s dilemma is more like that of a modern man — the light of ideal and reality are in abnormal coordination in the flow of time, while the poems and the distance are a relief that we cannot describe with words.We accept the li Bai in our mind piecemeal, to the iron pestle into a needle, to “the son of Heaven call to come on board”, to “born my material will be useful, daughter dispersed also come back”, this is what we want to become;We also want to discuss our legend of Li Bai, born in a dream Venus, died in the salvaging of the moon, “the matter of light stroke sleeve, deep work and name”, which is the way we can not be.What I hope to be and what I can’t be, let a thousand readers read a thousand kinds of Li Bai.That’s why we really need to get to know Li Bai, to get close to the name we seem to be so familiar with.The value of legend is not that he is superior to the ordinary world, but that he truly lives in the world, and can be spiritually detached.”Relegated Immortal poet Li Bai”, at least tells us one of them.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: