My wife and I divorced, has not moved away, I see she does not return all night in the heart afflictive, how to do?

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This shows that you still can not put her in your heart, still miss her good, I will help you analyze it, and then give some ideas, improper place, please correct.One hundred days of husband and wife boon some husband and wife do not look at ordinary lovey-doy-doy, intimate, but a divorce, immediately with enemies, not only let her immediately move away, but also to change the door lock, more absolutely is not to let the children see her, do not recognize the mother.From your description, it seems that for whatever reason, you did not kick your wife out of the house. This is what the older generation called a “divorce without leaving home”, which is about old love. It proves that you are a man who cares deeply about feelings and is a responsible man who can be entrusted with life.Start by figuring out why she was out all night. It’s not that your wife is out all night, but that sometimes, you can have a lot of bad associations.Was she taken out, or engaged in some indescribable business of the fallen woman?I advise you to think about the best place, she will not go to bestie there to chat and relax, it is too late to sleep there, she may work overtime in the unit, afraid of coming back late affect your sleep, rest in the office and so on.The main thing is I think she’s just pissing you off, showing you how easy she can be without you.At this time, I suggest you use some means, she went out at night to follow her, see where she went, she found it does not matter, just say you do not trust, secretly protect her.Legally, since you’re no longer married, you have no right to ask your ex-wife anything, but just the fact that she didn’t come back in the night makes you feel bad, proving that your relationship can be salvageable and isn’t at the end of its rope.She can see your mood and performance. After all, the more uncomfortable you are in a couple, the happier she may be. She knows you still have her in your heart, and she knows you start to regret.Your divorce, may be both sides of the impulse, calm down after, do not regret that is false, but you have heard of the “broken mirror joined together” these four words, heard of the “willow blossom bright and another village”?If you take a wrong path, you just have to go back and start again. Everyone has encountered some bumps in the road.Test her reaction you can pretend to be drunk, lie on the floor, and see how she does before she gets home that night.If your wife loves you, she will try to help you to lie down on the sofa so that you won’t freeze, she will cover you with the quilt, she will silently clear the table utensils, from time to time to lament.While you’re at it, you’ll be happy to prove that you’re still in her heart and there’s every hope of getting back together.Bold to speak out to find an opportunity to live a good life, in the name of the festival themselves to do a table of good food, open a bottle of red wine, first say some blessing, clink glasses, a drink, through the wine strength to say their mistakes, must say to change.She will also regret some of her previous practices, and will say that she would never do it now. When it comes to sadness, she will bow her head and sigh. You take the opportunity to hold her hand and say, let’s start again.!She would nod in agreement with tears in her eyes.Your old ticket will get you on her passenger ship again.In short, people are emotional animals, get along with a long time will have feelings, which can say points, you feel sad is the standard of this sentence.Be a man, there’s no shame in admitting your mistakes, do what I say, and you’ll be back together.Finally, I wish you get married as soon as possible.