Hongze District optimized allocation of resources to strengthen village financial supervision

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In order to protect farmers’ interests, increase farmers’ income, and give full play to the due benefits of rural collective “three assets”, In 2022, Hongze District further optimized the allocation of resources, comprehensively launched the special governance action of hongze District’s village-level financial supervision reform and optimization and irregular appropriation of resources and assets, and continued to strengthen village-level financial supervision.First, to clarify the subject of responsibility.Each town (street) as the main responsibility of the reform work, the town (street) rural work bureau is responsible for the daily management and supervision of the village financial management service center.Every quarter in accordance with the ratio of no less than 25% of village finance business, and so on and so forth in spot check, inspection authenticity and legitimacy of the business, found clues promptly handed over to the town (street) ji (Labour) appoint, district commission for discipline inspection supervisor committee from time to time for the finance, agriculture and rural areas and other departments supervision responsibility to carry out the situation to carry out supervision and inspection, supervision role and responsible, propulsion source management.Second, improve the management ledger.Villages (house), according to requirements of the annual means of registration “three-capital” parameter, according to the facts of collective funds with “separate accounting and cash, accounting respectively”, to strengthen the management of funds, assets, resources, construction of collective assets register, storage, use and disposal system, set up subsidiary ledger timely, and have and incorporated into the rural collective “three-capital” network platform management accounting regulation,Implement dynamic management.Village collective funds shall be used in accordance with the annual revenue and expenditure budget, and village “two committees” or villagers’ (representatives) meetings shall be held to standardize the signing and approval procedures.The village affairs supervision committee shall supervise the leasing, contracting, disposal and use of collective assets and resources before, during and after the event respectively.Under the condition that the ownership, management right and the income and use right of collective resource assets at group level remain unchanged, the “three assets” ledger shall be established, and the operating income of collective resource assets shall be incorporated into the village account for management and accounting.Third, we will put collective funds to good use.The first is to find out the family background, further standardize the assets and resources ledger, unified registration.With respect to the idle funds of village residents for a long time, the idle funds are allowed to be used to purchase national bonds or certificates of deposit (CDS) with the approval of town (street) after being proposed by the “two committees” of the village, discussed and approved by the villagers’ (representatives’) general assembly, under the condition that the normal operation of the village level is guaranteed and the risks are under control, so as to revitalize collective funds and improve the efficiency of fund utilization.Led by district bureau of agriculture and rural areas, the district finance bureau set up small project review expert database, identify “bargainers”, a special case of the villages in small projects in emergency cannot according to the bidding process from rural property right transaction platform, by random three experts on-site measuring pricing, as construction pricing standard, put an end to the otc trading in private.Fourth, we focused on effective governance.A comprehensive and special rectification will be carried out on the expropriation of village collective resources and assets and the irregular leasing of village collective resources and assets. Those illegally embeded will be resolutely recovered, and the irregular leasing of village collective resources and assets will be corrected through consultation, arbitration and legal litigation, so as to “collect all receivable”.Open, fair and standardized transactions shall be carried out for all transfer transactions of rural collective resource assets to be incorporated into the rural property rights trading platform, so as to “advance as necessary”;According to law and clean up the back of the rural collective resources assets according to regulation and the effective ways to actively explore efficient utilization, promote collective assets sufficient utilization of resources and value-added synergies, to prevent the collective assets and inefficient utilization of resources, promote the village collective economy increase, achieve “application will use”, explore the town to run, village benefits “village endowment town tube” mode, support for village enterprises cooperation way,We will improve the benefit distribution mechanism and make collective resources and assets more efficient.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com