Good thing recommended phase 8: Winter Olympics ice pier pier do, girls e-sports wireless earphones, lipstick charging treasure

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The three products recommended by science and Technology Guide this time are very cute: Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic winter Mascots Bing Dun Dun Snow Rong Rong handdo hot, sold out of stock;IKF Find Pro 100 yuan level true wireless Bluetooth headset, music, games and other multi-functional mode, appearance level is very popular with girls and boys;The lipstick-sized capsule charger is stable and compact, easy to carry and colorful, which is a very popular product.More and more friends like Bing Dwen Dwen. I hope that Bing Dwen and Xue Rongrong will get fatter and fatter in the future. I wish the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be completed successfully.Super lovely ice dun dun hand do series in the home when the decoration is very feeling, the size is just right, the workmanship is very good, very sense of design, worth starting with.Super cute, good workmanship, this height is a little higher than the PPMT blind box, the whole size and biggeby is very similar to the difference between mini and Plus ha ha ha, just right.8cm is more in line with the size of ordinary handwork, which is suitable for play and placement. 10cm is bigger than expected.Level 2, one hundred yuan iKF sanctioning bodies Find Pro true wireless bluetooth headset is the headset appearance at the first glance level knees, really good bluetooth headset, so pink super girls heart, nice headphones design, and have a very lovely small box, this box is not only can be used to receive a headset, or charging box at the same time, the headphones into can automatically recharge,You can charge your headphones about five times, and you won’t have to worry about finding them when you have this little box.The sound quality is great, too. The sex price and stereo sound are good. Findpro headphones don’t have a primary or secondary pair.The sound is clear, the touch is sensitive, wearing it for a long time does not feel uncomfortable, watching TV and listening to music, the sound quality is excellent, small and lovely, frosted material feel better, wearing and ear canal is just right, in a word, I like it very much.Listening signal is very stable, continuous, sound quality clear, simple operation.My brother said that the game is really cool, the operation is very convenient, not as complicated as before, now you can directly control on the headset, the quality is very strong.Are there people like me who get anxious when their cell phone battery goes below 50%?When you go out, you must carry a battery charger in your bag to feel at ease!Recently found a high appearance level power bank (iWALK Diamond Power Bank).B Ling B Ling is small and exquisite, the style is novel, it is my favorite, very delicate, can be put in the pocket, the size of lipstick, not heavy and very fast charging.Tried charging, while playing with the phone while charging, charging bank does not heat, too satisfying.It’s not that fast, but it’s absolutely fine for emergency use.And easy to carry, does not take up space.It is just right in the bag, and the wireless plug in the phone is just like an ornament, which makes you feel safe when you go out.Small fairy people blunt ~ the product price control of this period to me is controlled in 100 yuan or so, the most outstanding is the design is very fashionable, very lovely, also decide price.As always, we will search and recommend better products for you. We hope you can support and share more.