This week’s three bad things are officially out!

2022-06-04 0 By

This week’s three bad things are officially out!Negative for a call, President of the United States and Russia, Ukraine situation again upgrade bad reading: one side is the constantly apply colours to a drawing tension, on one side, many aspects of Russian denies attack intention, to alleviate the pressure of inflation in the United States, in the game, who is the person who is a ghost everybody knows, no one wants war on their own turf.As A result, gold and international oil rose, European stock markets fell for worship first, many people worry about the situation, A shares will be returned to years ago, I think the range of the a-share market adjustment has the deeper, continue to test the space is not large, and the domestic liquidity and economic policy, the data are positive, index of this position further sideways or slightly adjust the probability of large.One last word: be cautious about controllable time and be optimistic about uncontrollable things.The rise and fall of the stock market is not controllable, we should embrace a good vision, our own operation is controllable, so in the case of known risks to strictly control positions, light positions or even empty positions, the gentleman “revenge”, ten years is not too late!Second, ningde times alarm!Negative interpretation: the recent market spread “Ningde times by the United States sanctions”, “was removed gem weight shares” and other false rumors, although Ningde times refuted rumors for many times, but can not stop the spread of rumors, finally King ning unbearable alarm!The most eye-catching company is ning Wang, affected by rumors, the market value of February evaporation of 20 million, since the opening of the year 5 trading days of the stock price fell from 605 to 489 yuan, as a big white horse gem, GEM refers to its influence repeatedly innovation low, perhaps only really alarm can stop falling!According to the analysis given on Thursday, Ning Wang has strong support in the range of 500 or so, and the strong rumor refuted this time, the probability of a rebound on Monday is greater.For those who are malicious troublemaking behavior is really hateful.Malicious short sellers have also taken note.Recent “king ning” ningde era to the rise in the cost of the cause of the recent decline is larger or upstream power battery part loss of customers, the relative popularity of hydrogen energy vehicles also impact on the power battery, the next few years margins or difficult to maintain more than 120 times earnings, just recently theme track down entirely, some institutional money also in the warehouse in stock,Of partial orgnization fund flee smash dish also is having the most direct relation.Of course, it is also related to some peripheral disturbance factors, this week ningde times can support the bottom of the line near the position of the rebound, also led to the gem refers to this week at the bottom of the rebound.Bad three: ice pier pier concept shares big differentiation leading shares 5 even board “star shares” intraday limit.Negative interpretation: leading Yuelong Yatu 5 word board, and dragon son wen cast holding 3 word board, the fourth open, Friday intraday limit, for these suddenly burst hot, good out is bearish.Winter Olympics close to the end, speculation space is not big, into the set are retail investors.# Stock market comment #