Principle of vortex tube

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Principle of vortex tube is compressed air type vortex tube, in the form of high speed rotating flow to one side, in the process of the stream movement, the outer air will fever, by contrast, the inner layer of the air is cold, (hot and cold degree is proportional to the velocity), the movement to end air conditioning back along the center of the vortex reverse flow, cooling source.1, vortex tube, also known as vortex tube, the use of ordinary compressed air can work normally, can instantly split the compressed air into hot and cold two streams of air, the outlet of the hot air end has an adjustable knob, can adjust the temperature and flow of the corresponding air flow by setting the proportion of cold and hot air.2. The vortex tube is characterized by compressed air with a pressure of 7-9kg, producing low-temperature airflow up to minus 25°C;After special processing, reduce working noise to the greatest extent;Anti-corrosion coating technology, anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation.3, the manufacturing industry is mainly used for cooling, plastic or metal processing, wood processing, welding, bonding, thermal sealing, sewing needles, mold processing and other manufacturing industries on the cooling.Can also be used in the laboratory for cooling and drying gas sampling, cooling the environment chamber.