China’s confidence seen in Winter Olympics buzzwords | Beijing News Editorial

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Since the opening ceremony, the suspense of the Beijing Winter Olympics has been revealed, releasing surprises and stunning eyes.The meteor shower of winter Olympics buzzwords poured in from all sides, fully demonstrating the wisdom and enthusiasm of Chinese people.There are many popular words precipitation, aggregation, the formation of public opinion buoy.Buzzwords such as “Together toward the Future”, “Chinese-style romance”, “Yanshan snow as big as a meal” and “If miracles have color, it must be Chinese red” frequently appear on the hot search list and social media, forming a dazzling discourse landscape.In the era of global communication woven by all media, the Beijing Winter Olympics not only attracted the attention of the world, but also attracted the unprecedented enthusiasm of the whole people to participate in it.Online onlookers and comments, offline participation and action, the winter Olympics into a steaming ceremony of national empathy.Popular words represent the empathy of Chinese people. They not only represent the flow of words, but also reflect the heat of some topics and emotions.This Winter Olympics has been a classic event for hundreds of years with a strong Chinese atmosphere and Chinese elements everywhere.”24 solar terms”, “Yanshan snow as big as the table”, “The water of the Yellow River from heaven”…These words and lines, the original is scattered in the vast words library in China, this time for the winter Olympics and the fast light, one of the important reason is: the winter Olympics lit the Chinese public mood at this moment, resonance of emotional needs a common testimony, but these words can be aging of classical words on behalf of the Chinese culture.The romance of the East has been expressed in an explosive way during the Winter Olympics, fully reflecting the public’s enthusiasm for the Beijing Winter Olympics and ice and snow sports.As the host country, China’s dedication and devotion to the Winter Olympic Games ensured the safety and splendor of the Games.China is under a lot of pressure to host the Winter Olympics amid the ongoing global epidemic.Facts are proving that China is a responsible country. We are as committed as we can be. We will not only ensure a safe and smooth operation, but also deliver an excellent performance that exceeds expectations.From the buzzwords of the Winter Olympics, we can see China’s confidence, which is all-round, and its cultural confidence is overflowing.”24 solar terms countdown”, “hand in hand to pass the national flag”, “enter in order of Chinese strokes” and Chinese knot meaning snowflake pattern design, it can be said that everywhere attentively, full of Chinese elements, reflect the artistic conception and details, but also full of poetic painting.Clearly, the romance unleashed by the Winter Olympics is broad and inclusive.As a modern sport, the Winter Olympics are also international.The Olympic spirit interprets the self-education and transcendence of human beings, and is the tempering of human spirit and soul.In this way, human beings constantly remind themselves and improve themselves, heralding the common spring of mankind.This passion also shows the courage of athletes from all over the world to overcome prejudice and to surpass themselves and challenge their limits under the common rules and values.The Chinese people, who have always taken care of the world as their duty, have always been hospitable.In this sense, the Olympics is not only a national education lesson for China, but also an open lesson to demonstrate a community with a shared future for mankind.The enthusiasm of the public is not only in words, but also in deeds, as people participate in the experience of ice and snow activities in different ways.Some netizens poured water on the grassland to form ice and painted the Five Olympic rings. Some netizens also “beat away” in the community.The unprecedented enthusiasm of the people for the Winter Olympics echoed the competitive performances on the field, forming a strong atmosphere, and the jubilant interaction online and offline, marking the Games as a unique landscape of the Winter Olympics for hundreds of years, and encouraging more people to “look forward to the future together”.Edit | rossie Xiao interns | WeiYingZi proofreading | Liu Yue