A total of 457 migrant workers in Kunming took free special trains to return to their posts

2022-06-04 0 By

On February 8, 457 migrant workers from all over Kunming took a free train to Shanghai to return to work as a high-speed train slowly pulled out.This year, kunming human resources and social security department organized the first batch of “point-to-point” rural workers to return to work, and will continue to organize special train to Suzhou, Fujian, Guangzhou and other places, and continue to do a good job in the “point-to-point” centralized transport work.Deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress Tang Qi, deputy mayor Zhao Bo attended the send-off ceremony.In order to do a good job of the “100-day action” for the transfer of rural labor force in 2022, the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Municipal Employment Bureau organized and mobilized more than 3,000 rural workers to work outside the province by carrying out various work such as survey, visit and publicity before the Spring Festival at the end of 2021.It is planned to carry out “point-to-point” concentrated delivery in a period after the Spring Festival.On February 8, 457 of them set off on the G1376 high-speed train from Kunming to Shanghai.In addition, on February 9 to 11, the city human resources and social security department will continue to organize operation to suzhou, fujian, guangzhou and other places of workers train, continue to do a good job of “peer-to-peer” focus on delivery, at the same time, also will organize workers train operation in xinjiang in March, for to migrant workers outside the province to provide “one-stop” services.Source: Kunming Daily Photo from: Kunming Railway editor: Zhou Lu Review: Xiao Mijuan final review: Huang Kai