9 billion, 1517 mu, intelligent, this world what abacus?

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February 18, jinshiyuan announced that the company plans to invest 9.076 billion yuan, the implementation of the south factory intelligent wine storage center project.Of this amount, 8.52 billion yuan was invested in fixed assets and 556 million yuan in working capital over five years.Before this, the “South Factory Technical Transformation Project”, which it belongs to, has been listed in the list of major projects in Jiangsu Province in 2021.At the jinshiyuan Development Conference held at the end of 2021, Zhou Suming, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Jinshiyuan Wine, reported the achievements of the “South Factory Technical transformation Project” :The second phase of 100,000-ton Taotan wine warehouse and four three-dimensional finished product warehouses have been put into use. The intelligent packaging center, fermentation mud workshop and 40,000-ton stainless steel wine warehouse have been topped off. Three luzhou-flavor wine factories have been under construction, and the design scheme of the new kool-making center has been completed.Now, jinshiyuan announced that it plans to invest 9.076 billion yuan in five years to build an intelligent wine and aging storage center, which will “go to the next level” in technical transformation and expansion, and further enhance capacity, energy storage and quality assurance capacity.What kind of investment is that?The announcement shows that the intelligent wine storage center project land area of about 1517 mu, the construction of the content includes: luzhou-flavor wine workshop 3, elegant maotai-flavor wine workshop 2, semi-open wine warehouse, pottery tank, raw grain workshop, rice hull workshop, yeast workshop, koji workshop, sewage treatment station, etc.After the completion of the project, it is expected to increase the annual production capacity of high-quality luzhou-flavor original wine by 18,000 tons, high-quality elegant maotai-flavor original wine by 20,000 tons, semi-open wine storage capacity by 80,000 tons and pottery warehouse capacity by 210,000 tons.The production capacity of the company will reach 102,000 tons per year.According to the above calculation, the project added 38,000 tons of raw wine production capacity, 290,000 tons of energy storage and 102,000 tons of annual production.How big will these numbers hold up for this life?Relevant data show that the output of shiyuan in 2020 is 31,000 tons, and the sales volume is about 32 million liters.After the completion of the above projects, compared with 2020, the scale will be more than one times.Although the growth of market revenue is affected by various factors, the growth of capacity and energy storage can still lay a foundation for realizing the goal of ten billion yuan in this world from the basic level.In addition, the five-year investment of 9.076 billion yuan also shows that Jinshiyuan has been consistent in the sound thinking of technological transformation projects.At the beginning of 2017, Jinshiyuan officially launched the south factory technical transformation project, planning to implement the first and second phase of technical transformation projects within 5-10 years, to build a comprehensive and intelligent liquor industry park;In 2021, round A of technological transformation phase I was basically formed;In 2022, the south Factory intelligent wine and aging Storage Center project will be implemented, and a new five-year plan has been kicked off.How can the countrywide change and expand produce synergistic advance?”Tonnage determines status”, a new round of military expansion of liquor industry has become momentum.Less than two months into 2022, several liquor companies have announced plans to expand capacity.For the development of wine enterprises, when they enter the fast track of development, capacity will become the key factor restricting their development.This also constitutes one of the background for the further nationalization of the present Shiyuan.For regional wine enterprises, if they want to carry out national expansion, they must have a certain capacity basis.Only with sufficient capacity and energy storage, can enterprises support the scale of market expansion and sales growth, and provide quality strength guarantee for product upgrading and high-end strategy implementation in the fierce competition environment.However, it should be noted that the degree of national development and smooth, also affects the operation of upstream capacity.If the market expansion is not effective, the expansion of production input will bring a great burden to the normal operation and operating profit of the enterprise.In fact, in the last round of capacity expansion race, some wine companies lost.In this regard, jinshiyuan also marked the relevant market risks in the announcement.At present, according to relevant documents on liquor released at the national level, the attitude of macro policies towards the development of liquor industry is to support, regulate and lead the upgrading.This is a good signal for the development of wine industry.And a new round of military expansion and war preparation, or in the good, for the industry to bring more high-quality capacity.The personage inside course of study thinks, the production and reserve capacity of base wine, it is the core force that decides the rise and fall of liquor enterprise.Among them, the leading and controlling ability of base wine quality determines its national and high-end potential.Base wine reserve and high quality production capacity, to a certain extent, can be regarded as an important weapon for enterprises to compete for market initiative.This time, shiyuan’s expansion plan is more to expand the base wine reserves, enhance quality production capacity.Thus, the core law of the industry from 5 billion to 10 billion may be gradually clear.In recent years, fen Liquor has been in a state of continuous high growth, for example, in 2017, Fen Liquor entered the “5 billion camp” with a revenue of 6.361 billion yuan;In 2019, the revenue exceeded 10 billion yuan, reaching 11.893 billion yuan.In just two years, Fenjiu has completed the leap from 5 billion yuan to 10 billion yuan, and will accelerate to 20 billion yuan in 2021.And this process, in fact, is largely from its high-quality production capacity support.In the process of high growth, Fenjiu continues to expand capacity and energy storage layout.In 2021, Fenjiu will invest an additional 1.13 billion yuan to carry out a number of expansion projects, including the improvement of raw wine production capacity and new raw wine storage planning.Some point of view analysis believes that since the recovery of the industry, the weight of the competition of wine enterprises has focused on the increase and promotion of high-quality capacity, and more and more production areas are setting off a boom of production expansion and technological transformation.Take Guizhou province as an example. In the list of Major Projects and Key Projects in Guizhou Province in 2022 released recently, there are as many as 70 wine projects, 90% of which involve new or expanded capacity.According to the notice on Vigorously Promoting the implementation of 2,500 Key Private Investment Projects in 2022 released earlier, 68 alcohol-related projects have accumulated investment of 77.69 billion yuan and added capacity of more than 280,000 tons, which is more than 80% of the existing capacity of Guizhou Province.”Whoever wins the ticket to improve quality production capacity first will maintain strength and staying power in the future competition.””Industry veterans said.