8 year old boy, only 4 days to complete the novel, “talent” determines your height

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There’s nothing wrong with that. No one is born useless. God gave us different talents when he created us.Before they became popular, Huang Bo and Wang Baoqiang were resident singers and construction workers in Beijing. What is the difference between them and you and me? Both of them became famous because of the “movie”, and their acting skills were the “talent” given to them by the creator.# # talent an 8-year-old boy from Idaho took only 4 days to finish his travel novels, so popular in the Internet, it records the, volcanoes, desert, arctic travel story, because his books no broker or publishing house to help him packing, and then secretly put it, on the library shelves,So that more people can read it.The keeper later found the boy among some 50,000 books, Herr’s novel “Dillon Helbig’s Perilous Adventures.”Herr also recounted how he carried the book inside: “He put the book in his back coat, he slipped in, he put it in his arms, and when he went down a corridor, he put the book on one of the upper layers.”With Herr’s permission, librarians tagged the book and placed it in newspapers for adults, teens and children.This is a science-fiction, whimsical, and fun novel, especially aimed at children, says Librarian Hart.Hull’s parents were immensely proud that he put his heart into what he loved to be good at and did it.In view of the special nature of the book, the library awarded Hull, the first best Young Novelist award, a separate award for him, named after the library’s mascot.Writing fiction is probably hull’s thing, but Tracy McGrady’s 35 seconds and 13 minutes in a Rockets VS Spurs game on Dec. 9, 2004, has never been better, thanks to his talent.What do you think? Leave a comment below.