Yichun goes all out to build a civilized city

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Since start yi chun city “and” work, yi chun city market regulator will create working with business and the deployment and the arrangement and implementation work, through the unit grid, party member of fragmentation supervision way, the central city 38 grid all-in hanging points respectively to the office departments and directly affiliated institutions, each department (unit) directly under the principal person in charge for the first person in charge of the grid.On the basis of normal work in the early stage, recently, Yichun City market supervision bureau organized more than 200 cadres and workers of all departments and directly affiliated units to go deep into the grid of hanging point package dry, according to the creation requirements, carry out all-weather comprehensive supervision and investigation, to ensure that not a leak, not a shop.While doing a good job of grid supervision and inspection, Yichun Market Supervision Bureau also actively in accordance with the requirements of “creation and literature”, in-depth joint creation and joint construction of communities, and community cadres and volunteers to do a good job of civilized behavior persuasion, environmental sanitation, correction of disorderly parking vehicles and other work.Yichun Market Supervision Bureau organized cadres and workers to carry out inspections in lianchuanglianjian community, straighten out non-standard electric vehicles, clean up road garbage, maintain environmental sanitation, and do their best to contribute to the building of a civilized city in Yichun.Yichun Market Supervision Bureau: Liu Jianxin Source: Jiangxi Provincial and Municipal Administration of Supervision _ city/county Author/source: Nine Factions Observation Statement: Copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article for the purpose of transmitting more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.