Work dynamics | Jiang Chunhuang line to dingxi prison condolence inspection guidance work

2022-06-03 0 By

On the afternoon of January 27, 2022, on the 25th day of the 12th lunar month, Jiang Chunhuang, member of the Standing Committee of dingxi Municipal Committee of CPC, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of Dingxi Municipal Committee of CPC and Director of the Office of Dingxi Municipal Committee of Overall Rule by Law, and Tian Xiangrong, member of the Party leading Group and Deputy Director of Dingxi Municipal Justice Bureau, visited Dingxi Prison to inspect and guide the work.Jiang Chunhuang first on behalf of the municipal government to adhere to the prison work in the front line of all police staff to send condolence money and New Year’s greetings.He pointed out that in 2021, the Party Committee of Dingxi Prison and all the staff of the police will work together with the local Party committee, government, political and legal units to make outstanding contributions to the construction of the rule of law and safety in Dingxi.In 2022, there will be many important events, important events, happy events and difficult things. The Party Committee of Dingxi Prison should strengthen its confidence, build up energy and move forward, and take the initiative to clear mines together with the local Party Committee, government and political and legal units to create a good atmosphere for the party’s 20th Victory.Symposium, secretary of the party committee, the warden Yang dong dingxi prison 2021 reported on main work, on behalf of dingxi prison party committee of municipal party committee municipal government and the police worker CARES about the concern and support expressed sincere gratitude, and the resident units of political science and law for many years of close cooperation and pay homage to the sincere help.