Mobile phone recycling market is heating up

2022-06-03 0 By

With the change of consumption concept, the recycling market of mobile phones is gradually heating up as more consumers choose to trade in old phones for new ones and buy second-hand ones.Reporters found that recycling and new business has become a standard part of the mobile phone industry.At the same time, the online model is developing rapidly. Major e-commerce platforms and the official websites of mobile phone manufacturers have been connected to the second mobile phone recycling and new business. The combination of online and offline models (300959), such as online appraisal and door-to-door recycling, has also greatly improved the recovery rate.According to industry data, the number of mobile phones in China will reach 1.856 billion in 2021.The production and idle amount of used mobile phones are increasing year by year.It is estimated that the total number of idle units will reach 6 billion during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.The huge base has created huge supply and potential space for the field of mobile phone recycling.(CCTV Finance)