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The Commentary on the Pocket Civil Code edited by Professor Yang Daixiong closely combines the provisions of the Civil Code with the principles of civil law. The commentary on the Pocket Civil Code, edited by Professor Yang Daixiong, has prominent points, concise words and distinctive features, which is very helpful for the study and application of the Civil Code.This is a professional “Civil Code” and “Practical Skills Manual of Civil and Commercial Law (Second Edition)” for lawyers.No matter how many years of law school before you accept the education, no matter how high is the method of your test scores for when you really start independent lawyer, began his draft the contract, retrieval, case, writing legal documents, to participate in party a’s negotiations and litigation strategy, you will find out your own inner uneasy, almost don’t know where to start!This book collects 68 articles of practice skills written by 54 civil and commercial law experts and scholars, which are divided into:Professional thinking and knowledge management, due diligence, contract review and drafting, business negotiation and contract signing, legal search, document writing, litigation guidance, arbitration guidance and legal guidance cover all skills required by practicing lawyers for readers to study systematically.Book details left out republishes | 54 experts 68 civil and commercial law practice skills, and take your confidence towards independent practice the company legal: orientation, method and the operation recommend a word:This is a very close to the company legal work reality, the present and the future of the main functions of company legal work and generalizes the common problems and presents a reference experience and through practice has proved the method, I hope this book to everyone is doing or is engaged in the work of the company legal help.Book details left to advance justice: 490000 words, system upgrading your work thinking, improve work methods | detailed guidelines for the forthcoming articles left only represents the author personal point of view and scan code to add wheat share legal person every day to read your personal WeChat exclusive sign is also very welcome to contribute!- Egg – Press ↓ to enter the MAC Reading service number reply book list to obtain the MAC reading short book list collection