Is fear of cold Yin deficiency or Yang deficiency?If you want to supplement qi and blood, what to eat?

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Weather changes, it is normal for people to be afraid of cold, especially girls, after entering the winter, they feel more difficult, after all, girls love beauty, want to wear beautiful, but also keep warm is more difficult.Eliminate because of the reason that wear clothes, still have one part person, no matter oneself wear how many feel not warm, very afraid of cold, so below this kind of circumstance is Yin deficiency or Yang deficiency?What food can you eat to fill qi yixue?If you want to know whether you are afraid of cold because of Yin deficiency or Yang deficiency, you need to know whether you are afraid of cold often or occasionally. Theoretically speaking, if you are only afraid of cold occasionally, then you may feel cold because of weather changes or your body is affected by wind and cold, which is Yin deficiency.If the body is often afraid of cold, cold limbs, then the probability is Yang deficiency.The main manifestations of Yin deficiency: general weakness, do not want to speak, a deep voice, you just feel breathing, move especially easy to sweat, will also dizziness, palpitations, poor look on his face, loss of appetite, etc., while women generally will have physiological period is not normal, complexion is dark yellow, long spot, generally when oneself Yin deficiency, darling spleen and lung, etc. Especially prone to prompt.The main manifestations of Yang deficiency are as follows: Yang deficiency refers to the weakness of Yang qi in the body, the gradual weakening of body function, leading to the weakening of human metabolic response;General performance will be cold limbs for a long time, it is difficult to warm, very afraid of cold, digestion ability is weak, listless, the tongue will be more fat and other symptoms.According to their symptoms to see their Yin deficiency or Yang deficiency, if they really can not judge, then you can consider consulting professional doctors, so that the answer is more accurate, for different symptoms, suitable for eating what food can effectively supplement qi and yixue?For patients with Yin deficiency, usually eat more Yin nourishing food, such as sesame, mung beans, black fungus, lotus root, sugar cane, watermelon, pig skin, duck meat, seafood and other food nourishing Yin effect is good;At the same time, also need to pay attention to mouth, to eat less spicy and fried food, especially chicken, litchi to eat less.Patients with Yin deficiency need to maintain a stable mood, because the mood of patients with Yin deficiency is relatively large, especially easy to appear impatient, upset, angry and other phenomena, so the state of mind is very important.For patients with Yang deficiency, usually can eat more warm Yang food, such as: beef, wolfberry, lamb and other effects is very good, to eat less raw and cold food, especially pears, watermelon, cold drinks to drink less;Secondly, we should have regular work and rest, go to bed early and get up early, do not stay up late, and eat a balanced diet at ordinary times.Finally, keep warm, wear more clothes in the morning and evening, develop the habit of soaking feet in the evening, can effectively promote blood circulation, more sunshine, more exercise.When his body suddenly afraid of cold, don’t think it’s a small problem is ignored, should pay close attention to their own physical condition, timely judgment result is afraid of the cold Yin or Yang deficiency, and then targeted to recuperate, so as to let oneself have a healthy body, in general medicine is inferior to eat the right food, we need more comprehensive own situation, to eat,More exercise, reasonable work and rest, multi-pronged to achieve good results.Yin xu statement: this article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: