What are all these people doing who can’t go home for Chinese New Year?Let’s listen to the police voice…

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During the Spring Festival, there is a kind of police called the police station. They did not rest but still fought in their work. Let’s listen to their thoughts

There is a kind of police called the public security traffic police in order to let the returnees go home safely to ensure the traffic safety of the masses, they always stick to their posts on duty at the intersection, traffic dredging, homesick feelings left on the Spring Festival travel

For most people, the Spring Festival means reunion. For them, it is a duty to stick to the lights of thousands of families. Behind the lights are countless people who stick to their posts and build the security together

Home is a place inside the soft reunion is year after year of hope they are not super hero just go on ordinary police safe journey they figure the most busy when the lights are they steps the most determined to hold the “not in” because of their pay our reunion more warm today is the first day of the year of the tiger let we affectionately to them say the guardian of the peopleYou have worked hard!