Changzhi Office Office in 2021 general Party branch secretary grasp grassroots Party building work report meeting held

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Yellow River News Network Changzhi news: a few days ago, changzhi Vocational and technical College party committee held in the office building conference room on the fifth floor of 2021 party general branch secretary catch grassroots Party construction work report and assessment.Members of the college party committee, party secretaries and branch secretaries attended the meeting.Zhao Jutao, deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and dean of the college, presided over the meeting.Meeting, eight party secretary of the department of teaching on behalf of our USA respectively, basic-level organization construction, since a year 2021 problem rectification situation, existing problems and deficiencies, and the next step of work ideas and improvement measures four aspects has carried on the scene, party secretary of the six other written reporting on activities on behalf of the USA.Each party general branch stated the responsibility, found the gap, cleared the way of thinking, clear direction.The members of the Party committee group made on-site comments on the work of the party general branch secretaries, pointed out the gap between the party general branches and put forward suggestions for improvement and optimization in the future.After the briefing, the participants evaluated the situation of the party building work of the party general branches on the spot.Finally, Yang Hongbin, secretary of the Party Committee of the college, made a summary speech. He affirmed the achievements made by the party general branches of the college in the past year, but also pointed out that the party general branches still lack confidence in the party construction work, the party construction ability is short and slow, and the party construction project integration is weak.He proposed the following three aspects of party building in the future: first, the direction should be taken into account;Two is to seize the team with the team;Third, we need to formulate policies to ensure their implementation.The convening of the debriefing council is an annual review and inspection of the grassroots Party building work of the Party general branches, and also a way to deepen the study and education of party history and improve the quality of Party building.By convening the debriefing meeting, the purpose of debriefing is to promote the performance of duties, to promote the rectification by evaluation, and to promote the improvement by assessment, so as to effectively promote the high-quality development of vocational education in the college.(Xing Luxia)