A seven-year-old pupil in Jiangsu province brought more than 20,000 yuan to school to give red envelopes to teachers and classmates

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Three character scripture cloud, people at the beginning, the nature of good.Similar sex, practice far apart.This shows that it is very important for children’s education, and the educational environment is also very important.Therefore, education is not only dependent on school, home education is equally important.If they do not complement each other, the educational effect will be greatly reduced.For children’s education, especially family education, the current method is still multifarious, vary from person to person.Recently, a seven-year-old pupil brought 20,000 yuan in cash to give red envelopes to his teachers and classmates, sparking a heated debate.How children are taught, again, is mentioned.Here’s the thing.On February 13, a seven-year-old second-grade primary school student in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, brought more than 20,000 yuan in cash to school and gave red envelopes to classmates and teachers.Be stopped by the teacher in time, and inform the parents to recover.The video shows the parents blocking the child in the door, the child cautiously took out a pile of cash, the parent Cao naturally asked where the money came from, the child said that he and his sister New Year’s money, and part of the family money.During the Spring Festival when he returned to his hometown, many relatives gave him red envelopes, which he thought needed to be shared.So he took the money to school and shared it with his teachers and classmates.Ms. Cao said the child is generous and likes to share with others, and his academic performance is also ok.However, I feel that I have not kept well this time and will pay attention to it in the future.The child’s heart is good, then carry on the guidance education to it.See here feel a little ironic, thanks to the money back, of course, the teacher is indispensable, in the face of money, show the high quality of riches and honour can not prostitute.The comment circle was abuzz with excitement.Some people think this kid is promising, he knows how to share.Others feel that the relationship between teachers and students is harmonious and the atmosphere is good.Of course, some netizens say that they want to be classmates with children.Of course, some netizens pointed out that children should be taught the concept of money.Of course, it is a good thing that children love to share, and it is commendable, but a gentleman has his actions and his disactions.You can’t share everything, right?Like money in this case, or private parts of your body, or hearing swear words and so on.That is to say, to teach children to do something is not only to tell them what they can do, but also to teach them what they cannot do.To prevent the phenomenon of extreme reverse, work properly.In fact, the behavior of children can sometimes reflect the words and deeds of adults, because behavior education is the best education.In this case, children have no concept of New Year’s money, indicating that adults do not care about this New Year’s money.Because, to tell the truth, generally elders give children a large amount of New Year’s money, are taken care of by parents, if after all, money is not other things, cherish is the most basic attitude.Therefore, parents attach great importance to the money, naturally tell the child, the money I keep for you, if dropped it is a pity.At this time, the child also has a natural understanding of money, parents do not pay attention to the child, of course, do not know.After all, children don’t know anything.Therefore, for the education of children, parents must not be careless, say a set of do a set, then the child naturally know what to do is true.There’s no problem this time. The money gets back. What if it doesn’t?For example, recently, Ms. Duan in Zhumadian, Henan province, found that her son had spent nearly 10,000 yuan to buy “Ultraman card”. Finally, her parents went to the store to ask for a refund, but the store refused.This time, duan is going to give the money to the old man.At this point, it is estimated that Ms. Duan’s head is big.Some people accuse the business of having a problem selling so many cards to a child.That’s fine, but few people point out how parents teach their children about money.And how is money kept?Finally lead to disputes with businesses, rational also say, not rational I am afraid will make a big.Therefore, it is urgent to educate children about money, and also need to follow up on many other things that cannot be done.Because after the three character sutra also called to say, if not taught, sex is change.Don’t give responsibility to the outside world because you love your children.Do you think so?Welcome to leave a message.