2022 Shell Wuhan New House Strategy Seminar successfully concluded

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“I am not the man I was, nor am I the man I will be.”2021 real estate industry changes dramatically, in the face of market changes, shell Wuhan new house will make what kind of strategic planning?On the afternoon of January 25, 2022, Wuhan Kauri New House station successfully held a “New house Strategy Seminar”.The meeting brought together elites and directors of various business lines in Wuhan to conduct in-depth discussions on the two general directions of operation, pooling wisdom and pooling strength.Look for opportunities in the editing market to edit the first item of the meeting, from the environment, from the macro market.Strategy consultation center director zhang wei, back in 2021 a new “timeline”, through a series of data analysis, market share as a skilled and magical craftsmanship, provides enough information for everyone and confidence, tell everyone “stability” is one of the biggest “into”, in “look for opportunities in the market”, “not an option, such as dry there is hope!”Next by shell Hubei province new house general manager Zhu Sweet, return to the new house itself, return to the past, present and future of the new house.Sweet sister showed you the data of 2021 new house, thanks for the past year under the leadership of Lao Yang and Shi Jinge to play an excellent result.And according to the current situation of our company, that some developers still have breakthrough space.The new house is now facing the problem, blunt, the future in 2022 to seek new and change, how to achieve faster and better development of the new house?Sweet sister to clarify the situation to point the way.Editor Shell Hubei province new house general manager Zhu Sweet editor three rounds of discussion editors around the two major directions, thinking about two topics.The whole staff is divided into 6 groups for discussion, and each group elects a representative to speak.Editor editor editor editor editor editor seriously research director sweet sister summary, in the face of the problem we want to internal attribution.First, to enhance the awareness of service, to keep the principle of “consciousness > ability, return money > disk source”.Second, focusing on high-quality projects, efficient linkage, fast commission positive cycle.Third, in order to enhance competitiveness, we should not only ensure payment collection and broker security, but also do a good job in ecology.The editor’s two rounds of discussion won tickets and the last round of group discussion was the strategy landing.Put the strategy on the corresponding actionable quantitative targets.After two rounds of intense discussion and collision of thinking, each department set reasonable and clear goals and made new plans for each thing to be done.At the end of the editorial meeting, the organizing committee distributed the wish cards full of blessings to everyone, and wrote down their expectations for 2022, which was a warm ending to the serious meeting.New Year is coming, accept blessings, wait for the mysterious day to restart the wish card.Xiaobian in this wish everyone happy, also wish wuhan new house more beautiful.At the same time, we also believe that after rigorous discussion, we have a deeper thinking, more clear goals, I believe that the new house will be more beautiful.Wish and believe.