The three-year action plan is set!Wuhan super large “People’s Livelihood gift package” full of dry goods

2022-06-01 0 By

Yangtze River Daily Wuhan client on April 7 (reporter Chen Yongquan correspondent Jin Hui) to create 200 street gardens, the construction of 6 greenways across the city, set up 700 household garbage classification and collection houses, to create 100 fine management demonstration areas, the construction of more than 600 beautiful village demonstration villages, to create 108 delicate crossings…April 7, the city of Wuhan city refined management work conference revealed that in the next three years, the city will comprehensively improve the level of urban construction management refinement, continue to promote the quality of the urban environment.At the meeting, The city released the Three-year Action Plan for Wuhan to Improve the Refinement level of Urban Construction management (2022-2024) (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan), which is full of dry goods, which can be called a huge “gift package for people’s livelihood”.In the Action Plan, the work goal for the next three years is to implement fine, intelligent and humanized construction and management, carefully describe the “appearance level” of the city, elaborate the “expression” of the city, and delicately shape the “temperament” of the city, so as to make the city more warm, comfortable and poetic, and create a beautiful Wuhan that the people are satisfied with.Specifically, in 2022, the rectification of prominent problems, improve management efficiency;2023, improve long-term mechanism, improve environmental quality;2024, improve the management system, to achieve first-class standards.According to the commission’s office, the action plan covers 10 areas, including strengthening planning guidance, improving facility functions, building high-quality gardens, strengthening water management and creating a clean city, with 32 items in total, and puts forward overall requirements for work deployment from four aspects.For more exciting content, please download the “Big Wuhan” client in each major application market.