Standardize price behavior to ensure market stability erqi District of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province market supervision bureau to strengthen market supervision during the festival

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As the Spring Festival approaches, erqi District Market Supervision Bureau of Zhengzhou City, Henan Province has intensified its supervision of material supply, food safety and price stability in large shopping malls, supermarkets and farmers’ markets to ensure abundant supplies, price stability and food safety in the festival market.From January 27 to 29, the market Supervision Bureau of Erqi District, led by the bureau leaders, went deep into the area’s major shopping malls, supermarkets, farmers’ markets to carry out inspection and supervision.The supervision focuses on the supply of rice, flour, oil, meat, eggs and vegetables, food safety and price stability.Law enforcement officers have inspected shiji Lianhua, Danisi, Zhengtong Road Baijia, University Road Rt-Mart and Renhe Road Dafa Farmers’ Market in Zhengzhou city.Reporters see, the market is rich in goods, price specification, price stability.Li Yuhua of manager of supermarket of century united China tells a reporter, the reserve meat egg dish that puts in the light of Zhengzhou city government, commonweal sex reserve was established inside the supermarket to sell special area.The meat sells for only 16 yuan per catty and is very popular with the masses.In rT-Mart, Chinese cabbage and cabbage cost 0.98 yuan per catty.Special pork area, the cheapest 13.8 yuan a catty, rice and noodles are also discounted, the price is very close to the people, and the price is clear, the price tag standard.Mr. Wang, who is buying meat, said that the price of meat is very cheap now. Although it is the epidemic period, the price of rice, flour, oil, meat and eggs in supermarkets has not risen. Some commodities are cheaper than before the epidemic, and the supplies are also relatively rich.In order to ensure the supply of materials and price stability during the Spring Festival, the supermarket also actively take measures to organize supplies, to ensure that rice, noodles, oil, meat, eggs, milk, vegetables and other livelihood commodities are not out of stock, continuous supply, so that adequate commodities, price stability, effectively protect the citizens of the “basket” and “rice bag.”According to understand, erqi district market regulatory authority at the same time of strengthening market supervision, to each business unit issued a “erqi district market regulator on regulating the behavior of” Spring Festival “during the market price remind the warning letter, warned industry operators must strictly plain code marks a price, price commitments, shall not be arbitrarily raise prices, uncharted fee may be charged, not false original price,Fraudulent promotional activities such as false discounts.The agency law enforcement personnel in the process of inspection to each head of department stores, supermarkets and farmers’ markets, stressed that each big stores, supermarkets, large farmers market is the Spring Festival to ensure citizens the supplies main channel of the masses, must play a good big business super and large farmers market advantage, response the government called on, positive social responsibility, do our utmost to take cover supply, constantly, keep quality,Security, price, stability of the people’s responsibility.We must ensure abundant supplies, stable prices and food safety, so that the broad masses of people can buy and eat at ease, and have a happy, peaceful and happy Spring Festival.