National football team 4 news!Li Xiaopeng praise Alan, Zheng Zhi responsible for psychological massage, Mori into Japan Li Tie

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Today is January 26th, the south of the small year, the rules continue to bring you the latest 4 pieces of information about the national football team!The first news, about naturalized player Alan!Today’s “football night” broadcast Alan and Luo Guofu 2 people return to meet the situation, Li Xiaopeng said to Alan: I need you too, you came to my heart will have the bottom!As is known to all, 3 big naturalized players from Brazil to Japan, need to be done in the Netherlands, but because of the Netherlands, Japan’s flights were canceled in naturalized players need to be stranded in the Netherlands 22 hours, which makes national wealth is very discontent, on individual social networking platform shelling the football association not to respect them, and in wait for 4 hours before the plane to take off,Fernand because of family reasons, to the football association leave to return to Brazil, so finally only Luo Guofu and Alan successfully arrived in Japan, and the national team.As can be seen from the subtitles of “Football Night”, Alan said he was too tired after seeing the coach Li Xiaopeng, but everything was fine. He was very happy to come to the national team. Thank Li for recruiting him.And Li Xiaopeng is more straightforward, directly said that he needs Alan very much, his return to let him have confidence!It has to be said that Li Xiaopeng is indeed high eq, so praised Alan, Alan in the match against the Japanese team, had to do their best.Of course, this is also due, after all, is for the country!All need to point out is, however, los national wealth, because of the 2 yellow card suspension, so he will not play against the team’s and Japan’s game, believe that this is also why Li Xiaopeng only to Alan said the reason why I need you so much, after all, played the Vietnam team, even without a naturalized players, the team’s winning probability is still very great.The second news, about the national football assistant Zheng Zhi!According to Shanghai media “Oriental Sports Daily” report, Guangzhou coach Zheng Zhi selected the national team coaching staff, the main job is responsible for the national players to do psychological massage!East body, according to the team’s coaching staff division of labor is very clear, the number one assistant pape is mainly responsible for the team’s technology and tactics, and lei-lei li mainly be responsible for the daily training of three goalkeepers, Brazilian coach Wilkes is responsible for the player’s physical ability, zheng zhi on the one hand responsible for key players specially trained, with Li Xiaopeng strengthen the analysis and research of the tactical, on the other hand, with Gao YaoResponsible for the players to share the relevant experience of the match, pacify the players’ psychology, that is to give the national players psychological massage!Although the number of the coaching team was not large, Li Xiaopeng arranged it in good order. Everyone had their own strengths and performed their respective duties. This arrangement was very good!Therefore, in the next two games, whether it is against the strong Japanese team or against the group of small team Vietnam team, we hope that everyone can unite, get the victory of the game, for the World Cup to retain a hope!The third news, about the Japanese team coach Mori Boichi!In the opinion of many Japanese netizens, coach Moriboichi is the weakest link of the Japanese team. Chinese fans ridicule moriboichi as “Japan’s Li Tie”.A few days ago, When Wu Lei accepts media interview, the actual strength that expresses Japanese team is above China team, oneself should recognize gap!In this regard, the Japanese media transfer this news, the result has been the attention of many Japanese netizens, even have a message, express their own views!Some Japanese netizens said that Moriboichi can fill the gap between Chinese and Japanese players, and Chinese people should trust and support their players!Another Japanese netizen pointed out that he watched Moriboichi for 4 years, but he still doesn’t understand his tactics!Obviously, although Moriboichi is the coach of the Japanese team, but many Japanese fans do not like him, think he is the weakest link of the Japanese team.From this point of view, Mori boichi can be called “Japanese Lee Iron”!Need to point out is, because the previous record is not good, Mori bao once was rumored to be dismissed!So, if the national football team really can defeat the Japanese team, perhaps really can mori Bao a from the Japanese team coach position kicked down!To tell you the truth, all very much looking forward to this scene!The fourth news, about Wu Lei!Titan Sports reporter in Spain lindeno said that Wu lei’s transfer to Alaves news is 100% false!Having been relegated to the fringes of espanyol, wu lei has recently been linked with a move away from Spain, with only one club named as his next destination: La Liga side Alaves.However, Lindeno revealed that the news is 100% false because it was circulated in China and then reported by the Spanish media, and according to his understanding, the Spaniards have not received any offer for Wu lei!All think, Wu Lei in this winter window transfer is right.On the one hand, he has lost the trust of coach Moreno, and even if the top scorer does move to Arsenal, it is believed that Wu lei will not get playing time, there is no need to insist on staying.On the other hand, Wu Lei is already 30 years old, if he can’t prove himself in Europe, then he will probably come back to play in the Chinese Super League in two years, so a transfer to a relegation team or a secondary league team, as long as he can get enough playing time, it will be beneficial for his career.Therefore, I hope Wu Lei can consider his situation comprehensively and make the right choice!