How about crosstalk in this year’s Spring Festival party?

2022-06-01 0 By

This year’s crosstalk, there are old actors Jiang Kun (72) and Dai Zhicheng teacher their “happy Dialect”, but also the new generation of Lu Xin and Yu Hao “Like It or not”, after watching the Spring Festival Gala, I don’t know why, always feel broken, there is no Mesozoic power, is it the audience’s demand for crosstalk increased?The old crosstalk performers are a little too serious, just like teachers, to impart knowledge. Although the imitation is lifelike and the learning is quite in place, it is not as exciting as the original reverie of a Tiger’s Mouth.The rhythm of the new crosstalk is not so smooth, the connection is a little chaotic, too noisy, perhaps due to the tight time, nervous, not as flexible as usual performance, more explosive!Especially some “baggage”, not too much breakthrough, give a person a kind of aesthetic fatigue feeling!At present, the most popular cross talk, than Guo Degang founded deyun society!He and his disciples of a lot of memes, can let everyone talk with relish, even familiar!I don’t know why, mainstream people always think deyun Society as non-mainstream, but non-mainstream has become mainstream!What do you think of this year’s crosstalk?