Fan Zhongyan a “Su Curtain cover” words, the first two sentences evolved into a farewell song, has become the eternal swan song

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In the spring of 1040, Fan zhongyan was recalled to the Capital by Renzong of The Song Dynasty. In July, he worked with Han Qi as a deputy governor of Shaanxi to pacify him, and in August, he was sent to Yanzhou.For the next four years, Fan zhongyan presided over the defense of the Xixia army in frontier Frontier.In a certain autumn day, the bleak scenery in the face of border stopper in the heart of a strong homesickness, sorrow heartbroken, could not help but wave and make a song “Su Curtain cover” : blue sky, yellow leaves, autumn even wave, wave on the cold smoke cui.Mountain set sun day water, fangcao ruthless, more outside the setting sun.Incense soul, chase brigade thought, every night unless, good dreams stay people to sleep.The bright moon building high Hugh alone, wine into sadness, into acacia tears.Fan Zhongyan’s poem takes the vast autumn scenery as an opportunity to express the deep sadness of sleepless nights, drunkenness and homesickness.The word’s upper tie down with gorgeous brush draw the outline of a picture of xisai border vast vast autumn scenery, artistic conception is grand and lofty: clear blue sky, yellow leaves flying cover the earth, autumn scenery connected with the river water wave, wave covered with a layer of emerald cold smoke, gradually diffused.The setting sun is shining on the distant rolling hills, the green water waves below the autumn color are successively green in the sky, the fangcao that does not understand human wisdom of the world, the period ai ai spreads toward the distance to open, concealed in the setting sun shines on the horizon that is less than.The first two sentences, “blue sky, yellow leaves,” are like a picture seen by the world. The sky is clear and green, and the earth is full of gold, bright and independent in color.The next sentence, “Autumn is connected with waves, and the waves are covered with cold and green smoke”, linking the colors of the long sky and the earth, and integrating the green and cold smoke, just like the scenery described by Wang Bo in preface to The Pavilion of King Teng, “Autumn water is the same color as the long sky”.Such autumn scenery makes people fascinated, but Fan Zhongyan did not stop writing, but focus on the outline of the autumn under the setting sun: “mountain set sun day water, fangcao ruthless, more in the setting sun”, the sky and the earth, mountains and qiushui, the sight of the scenery with the setting sun and fangcao spread to the horizon, where is separated by thousands of miles of hometown.The reason why fangcao is “heartless” lies in its lack of emotion, which can not transfer the poet’s homesickness to his farther hometown.Of the word tie down express one’s feelings, tell the homesickness of the heart with emotion, want to drink to solve instead more distressed: drift border, miss home is inevitable sad god, cannot give up the fetter is worried and tangled heart, unless every night can encounter sweet dream, can get the comfort of a moment.Bright moon night, do not rely on a tall building alone to look at the distant scenery, as this cup of bitter wine drink, may be able to solve the sorrow, did not expect to pour into sadness, unexpectedly into acacia tears.”Dark village soul, after the journey thought”, one is wandering sorrow, the other is homesick read, double melancholy superimposed together more line ci person’s bitter and incomparable mood.”Unless every night, good dreams stay people to sleep”, in fact, unless every night good dreams, depression can only be alleviated by good dreams, meaning that it is too difficult to meet good dreams, most of the night is tossing and turning.Can’t sleep at night may climb a tall building to take a walk, ci man but way “the bright moon building high rest alone”, can be seen before has enjoyed the scenery above, otherwise how can say so?Or, perhaps, from evening till late at night.Because of this full of sadness, the poet wanted to drink to drown his sorrow, did not think a stuffy, but could not restrain his tears, “wine into sadness, into acacia tears.”All the pent-up emotions in the bottom of my heart burst out at this moment, culminating in a sudden stop, lingering, lingering aftertaste.The sorrow of parting is not limited to friends’ parting, not limited to boudoir courtyard, not limited to feterings in a distant land, even though the vast earth, high sky and far away, can also cherish sincere affection.It is worth mentioning that The yuan opera writer Wang Shifu skillfully used the first two sentences of “Su Curtain cover”, “blue sky, yellow leaf ground”, into “blue sky, yellow flower ground”, which was edited into one of the four famous plays “West Chamber”, evolved into a piece of music, named “Long Pavilion farewell”, with a sense of painting and poetry.For those who like poetry, here are 32 famous figures in history. Let’s feel their emotions and joys in their eyes, and see how they blossom their best under different circumstances.