Yunnan gongshan mudslide, rescue workers drove to: the road more and more muddy, excavators emergency open

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At 1 am on April 2, a mudslide disaster occurred in Gongshan County, Nujiang Prefecture, Yunnan Province.The mudslide has left six people missing, according to the Yunnan fire department.Two garages and a scrap iron recycling plant near the site were buried.He, the owner of one auto repair shop, said his wife and brother-in-law were buried along with his shop when he did not return from a shopping trip to the county the day before.According to Mr. He, the two buried auto repair shops are next to each other, another shop owner from Lijiang, they lost contact with a family of four.According to gongshan news, since March 31, most areas of Gongshan County will see heavy rainfall, some road sections appear Rolling Stones, subgrade subsidence and other conditions.At 11:00 on April 1st, the Meteorological Bureau and other departments jointly issued a geological disaster warning: affected by heavy rainfall weather, it is expected that the next 24 hours in Gongshan and other places geological disaster meteorological risk is high, prone to landslides, debris flows and other disasters.Footage from the scene showed some roads in Gongshan county collapsed and stones piled up on the road.According to Jimu News, many local villagers said that they did not hear anything when the mudslide occurred and only found out what was wrong when they got up in the morning. It had been raining in their area for several days until April 2.According to the scene rescue personnel, they in the rescue on the way, found on both sides of the road not only snow, there are broken traces of trees.Aerial footage from the scene showed that the mudslide occurred near a river, where a large landslide was clearly visible.Photos from the scene showed a painted steel house buried with only partial debris on the ground, and a nearby two-story house trapped by debris and mudslides.In the picture, the roof of the besieged house was damaged by the mudslide, and the road was cut off due to the disaster.Auto repair shop owner He said he was also arrived at the scene in the afternoon, at present, there is no new progress in the rescue work.He and his wife have two children back home, and he doesn’t know what to do now, just hoping for a miracle.The scenery on both sides of the road also changed as rescue workers drove to the site, kaiping news reported.The road gradually became muddy, snow covered the road, all turned yellow.Excavators are working to clear the road of falling rocks and broken branches.In the early morning of The 2nd, after the mudslide disaster, some residents of the area called the police for help, saying that some people were trapped.After the fire rescue team arrived at the scene, there were still Rolling Stones falling from time to time on the road, the trapped people’s legs were crushed by the fallen bricks, the whole person blurred consciousness.With the help of the weak light of the flashlight, the rescuers used their hands to scratch away the bricks and mud, to save the man.Part of the material is from jimu news, Gongshan release, kaiping news and other editors: Li Yang