Veteran Zhang Minghong, who worked as a stevedores for 28 years after his retirement, was invited to a press conference of the Ministry of National Defense in 2019

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China has 2 million servicemen in active service and 57 million demobilized servicemen in total. So many servicemen are exerting their light and energy in all walks of life after their retirement.Some of the veterans have become rich, some have become scholars, and most of them are shining their light in ordinary positions.The Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, in collaboration with several other departments, released the advanced deeds of the most beautiful ex-servicemen, in order to publicize those ordinary people who have left the army but still work with the spirit of a soldier.In 2019, Beijing TV’s talk show “Chunni’s Weekend” invited a retired soldier, who is an ordinary stevedores, to attend the regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense without stopping after the talk show. What is the story of this retired soldier and his achievements?The ordinary soldier named Zhang Minghong, was born in 1971 in Ya ‘an, Sichuan, cheerful personality, he worship soldiers since childhood, think they are very proud, after he grew up, also must wear military uniform and they are the same.When he turned 18, he finally got the chance to join the army.However, the result of the physical examination was not ideal, and his weight and height were not qualified, which made Zhang Minghong very sad. He did not want to give up his dream of becoming a soldier, so he ate full before signing up, filled with water, and wore iron shoes to increase his weight and height.Conscription office comrade see Zhang Minghong thin appearance, tell him the artillery shells in the army have sixty or seventy pounds of weight, you this small physique can bear, afraid is to be shell pressure prone.Zhang Minghong was not frightened by these words, but repeatedly assured that his strength is big enough to carry, besides, no one is born strong, can rely on daily exercise.He kept pestering the staff of the recruitment office, hoping to give him this chance. Finally, he said that if you did not let me become a soldier, I would go to lie down the railway. The comrades in the recruitment office were stuck by him and moved by his enthusiasm, so they finally gave Zhang minghong a chance to join the army.At the age of 18, he joined unit 51371 of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and became a glorious soldier.In the army he has been training hard, do not want to drag everyone because of his thin back, the result of exercise, is that he is holding the cannonball.The army is a melting pot, Zhang Minghong cheerful, willing to help others, we all like him, he is also very hard in the usual training, so progress is very fast, soon served as the deputy monitor.The army exercises every young man, strengthens their physique, casts their optimistic, unyielding spiritual core.Good days are always short, service is coming, Zhang Minghong wanted to stay in the army, he applied, only to be told that he was not eligible.He was neither a party member nor had served in the army for three years, so he did not meet the basic requirements to stay and had to be discharged with regret.Although do not give up, but there is no feast, Zhang Minghong retired.In 1991, Zhang minghong was discharged from the 248th Regiment of the 83rd Division of the 28th Group Army and returned to his hometown ya ‘an, Sichuan Province.He doesn’t yet know what kind of work will be waiting for him back home.He had just returned from the army, and he was full of spirits. He thought he was going to do great things. He had bought presents for his family on the way and had no money left at home.When he returned home from the army, his father said to him that he had found a job and asked him to go in two days. Zhang Minghong had high expectations at that time. He changed his new clothes and cut his hair.It did not occur to him that his father took him to a construction site and asked him to do a small job.His father said to him, you do things in the army is such a pick and choose, leadership orders you do not do.Zhang Minghong had to take off his new military uniform to move cement, but also accidentally broke his pants, as a result, he left the cement and went home.Zhang Minghong returned home after frustration, has been sulking, feel how can not find a good job back, can only be a porter.However, during the two days at home, he repeatedly thought about the education he had received in the army and could not give up in the face of setbacks.The third day after he figured it out, he went out to find a job, he found that at this time ya ‘an people’s main means of transportation is the tricycle, the use is very wide, tourism outsiders when it is a taxi, the local people with it, transport goods.So Zhang Minghong borrowed 600 yuan to chengdu to buy a tricycle, in order to save the freight, he rode back along the Sichuan-Tibet highway.With the means of transportation, he began to work as a pedicab driver, charging 1 to 2 yuan at a time, and riding more than 100 kilometers a day for business can earn dozens of yuan.When the tricycle driver is not on time to work, there are guests have to leave immediately, so the meal time is not on time, often busy at noon have no time to eat.He did this line, of course, is also to find some way out, at night rickshaw drivers earn more, to the passenger station pulling goods and unloading is also a great income, but it is a little difficult.Zhang Minghong pulled people in the city during the day, at night to the bus station mainly pulled goods, often after unloading the goods he was too tired, will take a piece of wood on the tricycle to have a rest.In his dream, he often saw the scene of everyone practicing in the army, his comrades marching forward together singing military songs.In the dream he was back in the army he had been dreaming about.Zhang Minghong work seriously responsible, he is responsible for moving goods, although the goods are very heavy and a lot of, he will help the owner of the goods stacked neatly, let a person at a glance, a long time he accumulated a number of old customers.Physical labor was very tiring, so he encouraged himself. Whether he was tired or not in the army training was nothing compared with this work. He just gritted his teeth and passed it.Life stability has improved the day has improved slowly, he met his favorite girl, they got married, common hard work to get rich, to 2000, they finally used to step on the tricycle money bought a piece of land, ready to build a house of their own.At the beginning of returning home from the army, Zhang Minghong was still a little embarrassed to meet old acquaintances on the road and always bowed his head or took a detour away.Ya ‘an is also a small place, the former comrades always encounter, he has always felt that riding a tricycle is a physical work, not what a good job, when meeting people always feel inferior, embarrassed to say hello to others.Later, he found that his behavior also affected his son. Once, he rode a tricycle to pick up his son from school. On the way, he met his son’s classmate, who was sitting in a car.At this time he began to reflect on himself, is his own behavior affected his son’s three views, so he and his son open up the conversation, he said to his son that he would be brave, face their own problems, hope that his son also want to treat correctly.Later, when he met old comrades or acquaintances on the road, Zhang minghong no longer avoided them, but greeted others generously. He also changed back to the enthusiastic and cheerful appearance of his youth.Met relatives said he was a retired soldier back, actually he also does not shy away from when do the physical labor, but told relatives, soldiers came back to his posterity, labor the most glorious, we can’t because as a soldier, requires countries to a variety of treatment, every year there are so many veterans also arrange not to come over, all on their own.In 2007, he had several big events in his life. His house was finally finished, his son entered college and joined the Communist Party of China.A veteran rely on their own efforts to live a good life, do not give the country trouble, in their own post to make ordinary contributions.After his son graduated from college, he went to work in the difficult Xizang TV station. He encouraged his son not to be afraid of hardship. Many soldiers even younger than you went to the army to exercise.Comrade-in-arms Yang Hong very admire Zhang Minghong’s efforts and open-minded, they recommended him to the “True colors” program group, his deeds have also been widely spread.After that, Zhang went to Beijing to participate in seminars and talk shows, and got to know Yang yujun. They had a good conversation and invited Zhang to stay in Beijing for a while longer to attend the regular press conference of the Ministry of National Defense on October 31.Summary: After participating in various activities in Beijing, he went to watch the flag-raising ceremony and made a military salute looking at the national flag, integrating his feelings towards the army into a military salute.Although the veteran’s time in the army was not long, he still inspired himself with the spirit of the army, overcame various difficulties in life, and became a representative of millions of veterans.