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The above information is provided by Suzhou Wuyue Plaza, Xincheng Holding Group.For more highlights, see the promotion of shopping malls.Welcome to Suzhou Wuyue Plaza.Return tip lunar New Year holiday is almost over many friends carrying full “necessities” have returned to the road trip in anhui province, traffic police in combination with usual holiday return traffic characteristic release during the Spring Festival holiday return to return to the broad masses of security guide for traffic prediction according to the analysis, this year the lunar New Year holiday during the second half and after the highway in our province will usher in a return flow.To this end, anhui Province Public Security Department traffic police corps, Anhui Province traffic and transportation comprehensive law enforcement supervision bureau to make the following tips: a, February 5 (the fifth day of the first month) 15 to 19 will appear the first small peak, the highest peak will appear in February 6 (the sixth day of the first month) 14 to 19.2. Congested roads are mainly concentrated in the west to east direction of the main transit highway in the province and the rebuilt and expanded sections. Easy to congested roads are: 1.Detour route: to nanjing direction of the vehicle can be from the Ming Light east road, along the provincial road to Nanjing, or from G3 Beijing-Taiwan high-speed to S12 Chuxin high-speed to S98 Chuzhou branch reached G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi high-speed into Nanjing.2. S12 Chuxin Expressway Bagong Mountain Service area to Changfeng Hub section from west to east.Detour route: Vehicles to Hefei can get off maoji Road and follow National Highway 206 to Reach Hefei.3. G40 Shanghai-Shaanxi Expressway hexaye section from west to east.Detour route: vehicles heading for Hefei can arrive at Hefei along National Highway 312.4. G4212 Hean High-speed line from south to north.Detour route: passing vehicles can from Tongcheng, Shucheng, Lujiang road, along national Highway 330 or 206 to Reach Hefei.5, G5011 wuhe high-speed Saddle Shanxi hub to nanjing direction.Detour route: Vehicles in the Direction of Shanghai, Zhejiang can be along G4221 Huwu high-speed transfer to S11 Chaohuang high-speed reach Wuhu Second Bridge, through G50 Huyu high-speed to other places.G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway along the River from west to east direction.Detour route: via vehicles from tongling road, along the provincial road to Fanchang or Nanling again on the road.G50 Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway Xuan-Guang section from west to eastDetour route: via vehicles from Xuancheng road, along 318 provincial road to Guangde, from Guangde west again on the road.Before travelling, the majority of drivers can pay attention to the road conditions along the way through navigation, broadcasting, micro-blog and other ways, plan the route reasonably, return at different times and at different peaks, and pay attention to avoid the road prone to congestion.Safety tips (a) affected by COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control, suggest that travel during the holiday, please prepare for personal protection in advance, please pay close attention to during travel epidemic risk warning issued by the local authorities, and cooperate with the place related staff to carry out the wearing masks, provide nucleic acid proof, produce the “health code” and stroke code and epidemic prevention,Keep social distancing in public places and avoid crowds.(II) According to the “Travel Tips”, please make a good driving route planning before going out, stagger the peak hours and avoid the congested roads;During travel, we can pay attention to real-time road information through radio, variable information board and electronic display screen along the expressway, map navigation APP, etc., and pay attention to driving safety. In case of traffic congestion, we can reasonably choose nearby toll stations or national and provincial trunk highways to bypass.(3) Before driving, please carefully check the vehicle condition and fill up the fuel, check whether the relevant certificates and insurance are complete and effective, observe the traffic rules, and pay attention to the prompt of traffic signs on the site when passing through the construction section to ensure driving safety.(4) Please drive with caution in heavy traffic sections of expressways to avoid rear-end collision and collision accidents.In case of accidents, put up warning signs and turn on double flashing lights.In case of minor traffic accident, please try to use the method of quick settlement of claims. In case of a major accident, call the police immediately, and the relevant accident personnel must quickly retreat to the guardrail to ensure safety.(v) Pay attention to weather changes before travel, and fully consider the impact of weather on driving. In case of low visibility and precipitation weather during travel, please turn on your car lights, drive carefully and pay attention to driving safety.(VI) Before going to the scenic spot, please check the measures of epidemic prevention and control, opening hours, ticket reservation, passenger flow restrictions and other measures in advance, and book a trip at different peak times.Highway information until February 5 at 11:24 points traffic police instructions, affected by rain and fog: Shanghai-Chongqing expressway: Nanling west, Henglang Mountain, nanling east entrance to prohibit 7 seats (excluding) above passenger cars, dangerous chemicals car high speed.Ningzhou-wuhu Expressway: Wuhu East, Eshan Road, Wuhu South, Eqiao, Fanchang prohibit more than 7 passenger cars and dangerous chemicals on the road.Xuancheng Bypass highway: Xuancheng north entrance to prohibit dangerous chemical vehicles high-speed.Chao Huang High speed: nanling south prohibit 7 seats (excluding) or more passenger cars, dangerous chemical vehicles high speed.Li Ning high speed: East Langxi, Anhui Sulang River main line banned dangerous chemical vehicles high speed.Car more slowly: jie Fu musheng high speed: Huaiyuan west entrance temporarily closed, jie Fu musheng high speed boundary head to Bengbu direction 362 kilometers to 357 kilometers (near the Taihe toll station, Taihe County).Every day high speed: wuwei exit.North ring section of Hefei Ring Expressway: Lu ‘an to Nanjing direction intersection interchange (within feidong County) section.Wu-hefei Highway: Hefei to Wuhu direction of Ma ‘anshan West junction section, Chaohu section.Hexafluor Expressway:Yeji to hefei 752 km to 749 km (big shop 4 km west of toll station, regarding luan yeji district) within the territory, 734 kilometers (Yao Li toll station nearby, regarding luan yeji district) within the territory of 731 kilometers, 674 kilometers (high shop near each other, within the territory of feixi county, hefei), 719 km to 718 km (8 kilometers east of ROM set service area,Yu ‘an District, Lu ‘an City).Chuxin Expressway: Yingshangdong and Yingshang entrance are closed.Xincai to Hefei direction 212 km to 210 km section (about 2 km west of Yingshang Tollgate, in Yingshang County, Fuyang city).40 km from Huainan to Chuzhou (7 km east of Outang Toll Station) to 30 km (near Shijishu) section.He-xu Expressway: section from Hefei to Xuzhou from Zhupolzi Junction to Wan-Su provincial boundary;876 km to 881 km from Xuzhou to Hefei (near The Daliuying hub, under the jurisdiction of Bengbu City).He-ning Expressway: 509-505km from Hefei to Nanjing (2km east of Wuzhuang Toll Station, in Quanjiao County).Xuming Expressway: xuzhou to Mingguang direction 136 kilometers to Mingguang hub (within the territory of Mingguang City).Tonghuang Expressway: tongling to Hefei direction 1106 km to 1102 km (Mayan hub section, within lujiang County).Traffic police instructions, control information: Jiefubian Expressway: two-way triangle yuan service area entrance temporarily closed.Huangfu Expressway: Huangshan to Jiangxi qiyun Mountain service area temporarily closed.Source: Anhui Public Security traffic police online, Anhui published, Anhui highway production: Yue Yuan, Wang Qiongqiong, Cui Xiuhai review: Pan Yunran, Yang Yongqi, Zhu Hongjuan contribute email: sztv123xmt@163.com the 77th Olympic Torch bearer, is Xu Qijin!As it happens!All today!If the miracle has a color, it must be Chinese red!The Spring Festival travel rush has resumed and more trains are coming.About our wechat public account, suzhou Radio and Television wechat public account, Suzhou news wechat video account, the website of Suzhou Radio and Television video account, suzhou news will take you to find more different ~