“Anti-epidemic artifact” to help, gas film laboratory daily detection volume up to 60,000 tubes

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Peninsula media reporter Wang Xinxin, correspondent Zhang Xuan can detect up to 100,000 tubes every day, according to the ratio of 10 mixed 1, 100,000 tubes is 1 million people……In order to resolutely block the spread of the epidemic, Qingdao has recently introduced a mobile, automated, high-throughput gas film nucleic acid testing laboratory, known as a new generation of “anti-epidemic magic weapon”.Qingdao Municipal Hospital sent 9 inspectors to participate in the nucleic acid testing team sent by Qingdao Municipal Health Commission to Laixi Gas Film Laboratory. From March 14 to March 26, the team tested 208,390 tubes of samples, and the actual daily test volume reached 60,000 tubes at its peak.It is understood that the gas film laboratory is assembled by a number of closed white gas film warehouses, including amplification analysis area, sample processing area, reagent preparation area, sample receiving area, more than 100 sets of nucleic acid detection equipment are invested in the laboratory, which can accommodate more than 100 inspectors to work, and the maximum daily detection capacity can reach 100,000 tubes.According to the method of 10 mixed 1 sampling detection, the maximum daily detection of 1 million people.Gas film laboratory can be built at any time, flexible, quickly meet the needs of large-scale nucleic acid screening, and has strong safety performance, can be disassembled, stored, reusable and other advantages, can be called a new generation of “anti-epidemic magic device”.To ensure laboratory formally to run effectively, to carry out the national request of target volume, ensure the lacey quick and easy full each round detection task with good quality, on 13 March afternoon after notification from a superior, Qingdao municipal hospital emergency deployment of nine people to participate in the first time the city health committee to lacey gas film lab, nucleic acid testing team for the first time the resistance to disease.At that time, Laixi continuous rainy days, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, in the face of strange working environment, living environment, the team efforts to overcome all kinds of difficulties, commuting three hours a day, fully armed into the warehouse work, a dry is six hours.The sample processing area of gas film laboratory is the area which needs the most personnel and works the hardest.Yin Xiaojie, a veteran party member who just participated in the matching support work of Yuanlong last year, is mainly responsible for the area. During the whole work period, we must keep adding samples, extracting reagents, handling samples, and disposing of garbage. Every time we come out from the laboratory, the lining clothes are completely wet and the knee joint edema.There are altogether 76 PCR instruments in the nucleic acid amplification area of the gas film laboratory of Line B, and the staff need to keep on and off the machine to judge the test results. Du Jiao, who is responsible for the nucleic acid amplification area, needs to accurately issue each nucleic acid test report without any slack or carelessness.After finishing the supervision task in Yantai, Chen Xuancheng arrived in Laixi directly without entering the house, quickly put into the laboratory technical review and acceptance work, and supervised and guided the quality and safety of the laboratory in an all-round way every day.The gas film laboratory work time is tight, the task is heavy, the demand is high, the nucleic acid testing team withstands the pressure, from March 14 to March 26, the inspection team tested a total of 208390 tubes of samples, they issued every report to prove that the examiner can withstand the “test”, in The whole lexi nucleic acid testing has played an important role.He is a hero behind the fight against the epidemic.On the afternoon of March 28, Zhang Peng, deputy Mayor of Laixi city, and Huang Haitao, deputy Director of Laixi Health Bureau, on behalf of laixi Epidemic Response and emergency Headquarters, delivered a banner and a letter of appreciation to the Qingdao nucleic acid testing team, thanking them for their joint efforts to complete the task in the face of complex and dangerous working environment and huge task.