Zhang Diansu mad zodiac, who is the holy of cursive

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Chinese calligraphy, with a long history, stars shining, seal script, script, script and script, each body brave;Han Bei Jin post, open zong Li school;Four regular script, bruising history;Ten running scripts, colorful.In the field of cursive writing, there are also three cursive saints, namely Zhang Xu, Huai Su and Huang Tingjian.So, who are the top cursive masters of these three recognized “cursive saints” and won the title of “saint of the saints”?Let’s compare their work.Let’s talk about Zhang Xu first.Zhang Xu was a man in the Tang Dynasty, official to the long history, the world known as Zhang Changshi, like drinking, often drink drunk in the darkness of the pen, dipped in ink for books, in the state of drunkenness and madness, the feelings of the heart through the end of the performance of incisively and vividly, so the name “Zhang Dian”.Zhang Xu’s cursive masterpieces include Four posts of Ancient Poems, Belly Pain posts, Preface to Li Qinglian, etc.Zhang Xu “ancient poems four post” Zhang Xu “Belly pain post” Zhang Xu “Li Qinglian preface” view Of Zhang Xu’s cursive script, with the pen vigorous strange risk, dry run phase miscellaneous, writing style and vertical and horizontal, not stick to one pattern, the combination of changes, ghosts and ghosts, up and down continuous winding, complicated and exquisite, good a British word.Take a look at Huai Su.Huai Su was also a man of the Tang Dynasty. He became a monk when he was young, and was also known as Monk Huai Su.He is crazy, very love calligraphy, study hard, writing wild, known as “su crazy”, also known as “drunk su”.Huai Su’s representative works include “Self-narration post”, “Thousand characters on the grass”, “bitter bamboo shoot post” and so on.Huaisu “Self-narrative post” Huaisu “small grass thousand character” Huaisu “bitter bamboo post” Huaisu’s works with pen center, thin jin mellow, stroke lines are elastic, very wei jin charm, grass with pen exquisite, very few vulgar mistakes.The confluent flowing water, such as dragon snake running, unrestrained, in the longitudinal and elegant float in the sky without breaking the law, honesty for the ultimate model of cursive.Finally, look at Huang Tingjian.Huang Tingjian was born in the Song Dynasty, one of the four families of the Song Dynasty, the word Lu Zhi, the number valley Daoren, qingfeng Pavilion, known as the Yellow Valley.Huang Valley was fond of Buddhism and Buddhism and had a high understanding. He achieved great achievements in poetry and calligraphy. He was the originator of Jiangxi poetry school and was called “Su Huang” with Su Dongpo.Huang tingjian’s cursive masterpieces include Zhu Shang Court Tie, Lian Po Lin Xiangru’s Biography, and Shu Li Bai’s Poems recalling old Times.Its significant characteristics are the twists and turns of the brush, the main strokes to extend, like lance euphorbia, imbued with vitality, old and vigorous;The body is bold and unrestrained, like the surging waves, magnificent;The upper and lower fonts are less implicated, and the size contrast is strong, but the charm is connected;The spatial arrangement of the font often has unexpected strokes of inspiration, extraordinary wonderful, amazing.By analyzing the characteristics of the cursive script of the above three people, it can be seen that Zhang Xu’s cursive script is spontaneous and sincere, so his style of writing is sometimes not in place and a little rough.Huaisu’s cursive script is round, strong and smooth, with perfect jointed strokes. It is a standard cursive model recognized by the general public, but it also means lack of innovation and seems to be flat.Huang Tingjian’s cursive writing techniques are complicated and his composition is unexpected. On the basis of conventional cursive writing, he created a new way of cursive writing, and reached another peak of cursive writing. He is just like a martial arts hermit who has mastered no knowledge, or an enlightened person from outside the world, who cannot reach this peak unless he is highly enlightened.To sum up, I think that huang Tingjian, a Taoist in the valley, may be named the saint of cursive sages.Calligraphy long river, xingyue phase hui, no first, this should not throw this judgment, but for the theory of leisure and elegance, not yiyi?Who is the holy of cursive saints in your mind?Welcome to follow, like and comment.